Scammers/Fruads passing as Competitors

Two hate campaigns by scammers(acting as competitors) in 2014 and now 2016. They just don’t learn…..

2014 Facebook Post: Unfortunately CARI is left with no option, but to make this public for the first time.

We have during 2014 ignored many fabricated, false and slanderous posts and comments being made over FB by the same individuals. These individuals Eric Kalmus, Donya Al-Nahi, Pat Desmond (now Donya’s partner), Colin Chapman and Andrew Laws have joined together to create amongst other things in their smear campaign, numerous FB hate pages, posting serious allegations against one of our directors, which included sexual reference with minors in Thailand, alleging being fired by the Met police for being a ‘dodgy cop’ and fake recoveries, the list goes on and on.

So, one of our teams gets back home yesterday after a recovery and has to deal with our lawyers who are representing us in the UK. As most of you will know, CARI has been subjected over the last 12 months to slander and fabricated lies by competitors (really scammers) Eric Kalmus, Donya Al Nahi, Pat Desmond, Colin Chapman and Andrew Laws (a father who cries victim parent after his partner left with their child due to years of domestic abuse as per UK police records show). As we have informed you along the way and we will continue to do so, the first to be sued for Libel will be Donya Al Nahi.

Her continuous unprovoked attacks, fabricated and defamatory comments over Facebook, go so far as asking people to slander CARI on her behalf, contacting lawyers slandering CARI, and attacking a number of CARI’s past clients.(see attached letter from a law firm in Egypt confirming Donya’s claims on her fb page are false. Donya stated to this lawyer that one of our operatives was never in Egypt swearing blind after she checked with her ‘great’ contacts in Egypt including Egypt Airlines, what Donya didn’t realise was that this lawyer sat in front of our CEO face to face during a meeting in Cairo)

Some of you would have seen our first seize and retract letter written by CARI to Donya on the 31st December which was ignored by Donya, of course. On the 27th January, our legal representatives sent a pre action protocol letter to Donya – that is not privileged communication, giving her 7 days to reply. (see attached)

Claim Form signed on behalf of Adam ready to issue 28 April 2015

Donya has also ignored this letter and claims to not have received it by the way she comments on her fb page. Donya also states for us to “bring it on, she is waiting”.

Well, you have had your chances to apologies Donya. We are happy to say our lawyers are now issuing a claims form to the High Court in London. See above link…

These individuals think it’s funny to make false statements and allegations over FB, in an attempt to discredit CARI.

Fortunately our reputation and our track record speak for themselves and we need not prove ourselves to anyone, except the innocent children we are assigned to help……

What Donya is actually doing is causing pain and more suffering to many victim parents who are reading her slander. They are absolutely sick of your garbage you are posting all over fb.

Competitors or anyone for that matter need to learn you cannot write false and damaging comments over the internet as Donya, Colin Chapman, Pat Desmond, Eric Kalmus and her followers have been doing. You also need to learn that if you think we at CARI are the type of individuals who will sit back and let you carry on doing what you’re doing, you’re very mistaken!

While Donya and her fruad squad keep playing games on their keyboards, we’ll keep doing what they can’t do, recovering abducted and kidnapped children.

We currently have a law suite in a California court against king of fraud Fraud Eric Kalmus for defamation, trade libel amongst others. He has since being exposed changed his name in a California court as well as file for bankruptcy so he doesn’t have to pay CARI and our CEO damages for creating his fake website whittingtoncari along with the above scumbags and notorious online bully Susan Brown.

These parasites need to learn we will never stop exposing their scams.

To all our followers, clients past and present thank you for your wonderful support and again apologies for this notice but we need to make an example of this individual.

Child recovery services

Child recovery

Whittington Cari

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