Say hello to Anastasia

Say hello to Anastasia (name changed for privacy and security). In a rare case Anastasia was illegally abducted by her father 5 weeks ago when she was 1 week old. The system leaves left-behind parents no option but to find and recover their children as quickly as possible as authorities do not move fast enough.


Due to Anastasia’s age CARI Child Abduction Recovery International acted urgently without hesitation and within days of being contacted for help by her very concerned family.

Up until 4 days ago Anastasia was missing without a trace as the abductor like many others went on the run.

Recovered/negotiated legally today by a team from CARI who have been working extremely hard since the abduction to find Anastasia in the West of Europe.

We are also trying to open the door through talks with Anastasia’s father to continue his relationship with Anastasia as we have always believed it’s in every child’s best interest to have both parents in their lives ‘when appropriate’.

For health reasons Anastasia will be taken to the hospital to be examined to make sure she is healthy and free to go home.

Welcome home little princess.

Posted at request of client.

Welcome back to our CEO Adam Whittington who negotiated the final stage with the abductor.


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