PRC Cambodia / Trafficking

We are sorry to announce some very bad news for some individuals in the world.

CARI’s non-profit charity PRC – Project Rescue Children, will shortly be expanding with a team permanently based in Cambodia. PRC operatives and volunteers will be working side by side with Cambodian authorities and other non-profit charities based in Cambodia to tackle child prostitution and child trafficking.


PRC – Cambodia will shortly be registered as a non-profit charity within Cambodia, after we received very positive feedback from officials in Cambodia.

Yes, the bad news is for all you Pedophiles around the world who think it’s ok to go to Cambodia to have sex with underage children.

We wish you the best of luck…..trying to avoid PRC operatives.

PRC operatives do not get paid or receive any money for our work. We volunteer our time and experience to help rescue children. All PRC’s donations go directly to operations to save children.

You want to hunt children, we will hunt you down!


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