Hearing on International Parental Abduction

Every left behind parent should watch this attached hearing in the US. It goes for a bit, but you will see exactly why thousands of abducted children around the world never get returned. Listen to left behind parents tell their nightmare stories.

Everything mentioned in this hearing CARI Child Abduction Recovery International has been exposing for a long time from no enforcement to corruption to non-compliance to The Hague Convention having many holes to some governments putting out false figures in the media of abductions…..

These muppets at the US State Department are no different, then the UK‘s Child Abduction Unit at the FCO. Absolutely unbelievable! Why they call themselves Child Abduction Unit is beyond us, more like ‘The Pencil Pusher Unit’ waiting to knock off at 4pm and not interested at all to help left behind parents. We could tell you many stories of blatant neglect by the UK FCO in relation to Child Abduction cases.

We are sure their attitudes would immediately change if it was their children abducted/kidnapped…..

Hats off and well done to Rep. Mr Christopher Smith in this hearing attached below.


These muppets need to be kicked out of their positions as does Ross Allen, head of UK Consular Assistance Section and his sidekicks. Absolute embarrassment! CARI was invited to the UK FCO in 2014 after we safely recovered two UK children they had neglected for over two years, to discuss ways they can help UK abducted children. We can tell you honestly, they were not interested at all in changing their pathetic ways. All they wanted to know was about CARI. Muppets…..

Watch and listen to the US State Department officials dribble at the mouth when questioned by Rep. Mr Smith.




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