Say hello to Crisanto

Say hello to Crisanto…

Illegally abducted in 2015 by the uncle and taken out of Australia.



Yesterday Crisanto was legally recovered by his custodial parent along with CARI and police from the Phillipines.

CARI has worked very closely with authorities including police to trace Crisanto, who has been in hiding since 2015. This poor little boy was used as a tool/weapon against his father, in order for the abducting mother and her family to gain financially. This is a trend we are seeing more and more, parents abducting/kidnapping their children to another country and asking for money in exchange for their own child!!

There is also strong evidence showing the abductor and her family threatened the father that if he didn’t pay money they would make false allegations of him sexually abusing his boy. This is also the number one thing female abductors /kidnappers use in order to try and support their illegal international child abduction.

Just about every mother who abduct/kidnap their own children around the world, make this same serious and horrible allegation of sexual abuse against the fathers. It’s a sick crime in itself and these mothers who do it should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

After CARI received help with information from the local community about Crisanto we contacted the local police who was more then happy to assist CARI in the legal recovery.

This father has full custody and the abductors were ordered to return the child home, but due to corrupt officials they ignored what legally should of been enforced.

This is most of CARI’S assignments, to work with officials to enforce court orders. Unfortunately many countries don’t want to help the foreign ‘left behind parent’, as it’s a family matter or the Central Authority take care of their own (the abductor/kidnapper), not the foreigner or finally authorities are so corrupt they ask for money before they help.

Crisanto is doing very well and very happy to see all his family and little pet dog again back home.

CARI would like to thank the police involved, the authorities who made an effort to do the correct and legal thing, and our local contacts.

Welcome home little Crisanto.


What happened to the mother and uncle who illegally abducted Crisanto? ****NOTHING****

(Posted and faces concealed at request of the father).

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