Say hello to Adam…

Say hello to Adam…….illegally abducted from the father while on holiday from a hotel in Prague in December 2015…..while the father was in the shower!! (We posted his picture and abductors recently on our second fb page)

Adam as of 10am today, was safely recovered by CARI, a team of Lawyers from Malta, Czech Republic and Poland, Maltese Authorities including the Maltese ambassador in Poland, Czech Republic Authorities, and we are very happy to say for once……Polish police.

CARI was contacted 9 days ago to assist in finding and recovering young Adam by lawyers representing Adams father. Fears for Adams welfare was high due to conditions of the mother. The mother was in hiding in Prague, and was ordered by Prague courts not to leave Czech Republic… she did what most abductors do….the opposite….she ran trying to make it to her home country, Russia.

Through CARI’S contacts we found the mother and Adam had fled into Poland and stopped by border police trying to leave Poland into Belarus then onto Moscow. Unfortunately the police let her go (another story)…but only back into Poland. At 7pm last night we received information she had bought one way train tickets bound for Moscow, which was leaving at 10pm.


Through the efforts of everyone mentioned above, CARI managed to have them stopped from boarding that final train. If they had of past into Belarus into Moscow…it would be a whole different ball game.

We can say this was one job where every second counted and we are extremely proud to say CARI was part of this great team effort. It shows to all out there, again that CARI, authorities and government bodies can work together and very well, in stopping a child who was minutes away from disappearing for a very long time, if not forever.

We have one very happy client, and young boy who missed his dad and home very much.

It’s jobs like this, that make most of CARI’S operatives have no hair!!

Welcome home Adam…


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  1. Arkadiusz Zoltowski’s son was arbitrary abducted from father’s care from Poland to Australia. It was only possible because the Australian Government had aided and abetted the abduction. The story is described in the UN Human Rights Decision CCPR2279/2013. Of’course mother as all other abductors, had alleged to Australian Embassy in Warsaw , that she fears for her life and for my son’s life, and that I apparently want to kill them both and then burn their bodies so it couldn’t be recognized. The Consul had personally recommended for DFAT to issue an Australian Emergency Passport to the child, without my knowledge. Mother, before abducting the child had collaborated with a Polish lawyer to lie false accusations against the father in a court divorce matter in Poland and in Australia.The divorce matter was already on foot in Polish court. She collaborated with the lawyer to sell off my asset (large property) in Poland, even though we have had a prenuptial agrremnet – the lawyer testified later. Australia bought it all, even though it seemed so far fetched to a naked eye. There are documents to prove it.Still, Australian Government had put the evidence aside, just so to defend their unlawful action of granting an Emergency Passport to my son , so he could be kidnapped. Six years later,the mess is still on, even though the UN Committee had unravelled the whole truth. Australian Government having all the proof of mother’s criminal bahaviour is still in a denial. The Gov. went to an extensive effort to draw me into the Australian domestic court procedures, just to cover up their hideous wrong doing, just so I would not be able to pursue the truth in the International Human Rights Commission in Geneva

    1. We understand you Arek and you’re not alone!!

      1. Arek says:

        I appreciate the understanding from people who have such vast experience .

      2. Anyone is welcome to share a support and put the pressure on Attorney General of Australia to respect and fully implement the UN Human Rights Decision .The Petitions are on my timeline, ready for you to submit. After all, it is not a punishment for the Government, but a privilage and pride to respect and propagate human rights and the adherence to International Law, within a domestic community. Australia is a signatory of the UN Human Rights Convention and as such has agreed to UN HRC jurisdiction. Australian Gov. persuant to art.2 , 2(3)(a) of the Covenant, is obliged to implement the UN Decision by the rule of UN Convention it had signed.
        Will it though, will Australian Gov. respect the International Law and the fact, that there was a final custody order already made by a District court in Poland in a divorce proceeding, which was made before any the court Hague hearings began in Australia. Or – will some gov. officials continue to be in a denial mode, even though the International United Nations Human Rights Tribunal of 18 Experts on the judges’ panel had ruled, that Australian Gov. came short of the international standards, and that Australian Gov. had violated the human rights of a 5 yo boy and his father ? ?

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