Griffin Safely home…

Say hello to Griffin, illegally abducted by his mother over 2 weeks ago. He is now safely home in Australia, reunited with his legal, custodial father. The mother Eliza Szonert and Colin Chapman, even went so far as to tip off the media in Melbourne about Griffin’s flight, but Air Asia staff, Melbourne airport staff and another company arranged Griffin to exit via a secret exit, and it went very smoothly. Griffin is confused, but very happy and has not let his dad leave the room without following him, since he arrived home less then 24 hrs ago. Says it all really….


This is a long one, but spare a thought for how long it’s been for this young boy and loving father for just over 2 weeks……

To the Cowboy;
10/10 for the illegal abduction,
10/10 for leaving a parent and child stranded in a foreign country, due to incompetence,
10/10 for starting the most ridiculous media campaign at the hands of a 6 year old child’s welfare,
10/10 for being the best and biggest liar and minipulater on Australian soil,
10/10 for making false allegations towards a father,
10/10 for lying to everyone, and anyone who reads or follows your fb page,
10/10 for being the biggest media whore on this planet,
10/10 for destroying a young child’s Christmas,
10/10 for scamming many vulnerable parents,
10/10 for being the biggest cowboy in this industry,

As those who know us, sugar coat we will not and the words ‘politically correct ‘ are not in our vocabulary …..Never have we in our 16 years doing this job, seen such an outrageous story of such blatant lies and manipulation, with no respect for a young child’s welfare, as in the case of Colin Chapman illegally abducting a young boy in Malaysia (see our last post or blog for those who haven’t followed this story), and putting the child in the hands of a mother who just left a drug rehab center for her long addiction to drugs (ICE).

There is so much evidence here, but we can not for legal reasons at this time, publish more.

Firstly, Eliza’s passport was never withheld, despite all the media reports to the contrary.

This attachment below this post however, is the original discharge letter from The Cabin drug rehab center, explicitly confirming her admission for an ice addiction.


Eliza’s reply to media about this letter that The Australian, newspaper have seen, “I deny these false allegations. This letter purporting to be from The Cabin has obviously been doctored and is very clearly photoshopped or fabricated. I am mortified that someone could do such a thing.”
Previously, Szonert and her family have denied she received any treatment for drug addiction at The Cabin, saying it was only for exhaustion and depression.

Yes, Ok Eliza we believe you!!!!! Just like the headline of this attached news article……

Read more:…/australian-actress-eliza-szonert-se…
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What we, and many others, including reputable Australian journalists can not understand, is why on earth did you both think you could get away with so many blatant lies?

Since the abduction, both the mother Eliza Szonert an ex Australian TV celebrity, and Colin Chapman, have been posting comments and news articles, which support their lies. The only thing on these two individuals minds was the media. It’s confirmed, Colin Chapman was in contact with Australian media days before he snatch the child. Immediately after they illegally and forcefully snatched the scared little boy from the father in a restaurant, Colin then sent the video to the media spinning their side of the story in an effort to downgrade a loving father. It’s all there in black and white… just about every Australian tabloid and reporting TV show.

Then things went completely wrong for their plans, and the police got involved. Now, Chapman would of known, the Malaysian laws are that there is no law against a parent snatching their child, but they didn’t expect the Australian Embassy to refuse to issue new passports so the mother can flee the country with her scared son. So, what do they do, hit the media selling their rubbish story to any journalists that is looking to get promoted for writing bull xxxx. Then they tried the old trick of crying for the Australian government to step in, and Chapman attacking the government for not doing enough. Well there is a good reason Julie Bishop, Australia foreign minister didn’t step in….you clown! The Australian government in this case got it spot on…as did the Malaysian Police and Australian Federal Police. When police don’t help Cowboy, don’t call them corrupt, call yourself a clown instead.

This is a classic abduction by a mother who cries wolf, that the father is the monster. Unfortunately, the truth ALWAYS comes out…doesn’t it Cowboy Chapman. The truth is, there is not one credited or recorded legal recovery Chapman has done in years. What you see on his fb page is all hoaxed or made up, just like the second illegal snatch he did from a McDonald’s in Brisbane, were the mother he worked for is on parole by Queensland police for GBH. Then he tries hard to promote himself in a Aljazeera documentary where the father pays him $50,000 to get his son home….watch the amateur yourself. Gets too hard he pulls the pin and leaves it to the TV crew to negotiate with the mother to let the father see his child for 5 minutes. Stuart Dempster the Australian father who’s daughter was abducted to Thailand, gave Colin 10,000 AUD and he did absolutely nothing. And don’t get us started on the Australian mother and daughter who have been stuck in Egypt for nearly 2 years, due to Chapman’s incompetence…. Then you have his criminal record that any good investigative journalist could get from the Queensland police records, showing charges of Drugs, Assault, Domestic Violence and funny enough found guilty in a Brisbane court in 2012 for Fraud. All facts, which can be confirmed.

Not once did the mother or Cowboy ensure the best possible circumstances for the rights of this innocent boy, instead they ran and hid the little boy from authorities who were searching from him, while they planned their escape through the Australian media. This boy needs to maintain supportive, loving and nurturing with his family and that such considerations be held higher merit than the sales revenue opportunity and media attention made available by a very selfish mother and her sidekick.

This Cowboy needs to be stopped. He is a complete liability to children and vulnerable parents and a complete disgrace to this industry, which is controversial at the best of times, but a must and a necessity for all those innocent children around the world, who have really been abducted/kidnapped or abused. Again we state, regulate this industry before too many Cowboys join in on Colin Chapman ‘ s bandwagon.

The Australian journalists who wrote some of the articles without checking facts, and just wanted to get out a quick story, should be made to apologize to the father and the young boy. You acted like journalists from communist Singapore, letting Chapman and the mother dictate the garbage you wrote, not once checking facts.

The Cowboy, has posted so many lies about this case we would be here all night typing if we were to include them. Statement’s that the Australian Federal court issued a new order in the mother’s favor, after they issued an order giving the father full custody is one blatant lie or the classic, No the mother was in a drug rehab center for depression not drugs. Everything Cowboy posted in support of the mother was actually the truth for the father, not the mother. “The mother has stayed strong through all the false allegations” bla bla bla, was in fact exactly what the father was going through NOT the mother!

There was no abduction this time or any other time, by the father, which was stated by Colin Chapman, it was all a hoax to get more support and followers behind the mother. You know, the bad abusive father good mother trick.

Throughout his nightmare, the father stayed strong and refused to give in to all the lies being printed by some Australian journalists, instead doing everything he could legally and correctly, along with the Malaysian authorities, Australian Embassy, Australian Federal Police, and courts, to make sure his boy was found safe and well.

The Australian Federal court ordered the mother to hand over the boy on the 1st January to the father’s parents at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The Australian High Commission was in possession of Griffin’s passport, which was handed to the paternal grandparents. The Embassy staff had strict orders to give the boys passport to the paternal grandparents who was to escort the boy on a Air Asia flight to Melbourne. Eliza’s mother and step father were actually in Malaysia helping Eliza hide Griffin from the police over the last 2 weeks. They were also not allowed to fly back with Griffin, despite what Chapman told media and posted on his fb page. Griffin, was then placed in the safe and loving care of his father. Yes, the boys passport has been with the Australian High Commission after the father handed it in, not with the father as Colin spun to the media.

We also know there was over 300 hundred security from Air Asia and Malaysia Police at the airport, with a team of 6 who escorted the boy and paternal grandparents on the plane safely, after a team of approx 9 made the handover as easy and safely as possible with 1 representative from the Australian High Commission present. The Australian Federal Police and Air Asia staff also met the boy and paternal grandparents on arrival into Melbourne, to ensure he was reunited with his father safely. The boy was treated like royalty, and so he should after the last 2 weeks of hell.

Even when Chapman knew the boy was on a flight home with the father’s parents (boy’s grandparents ), Cowboy posted this, 1st Jan, “Everyone is home safely at last. Special thanks to; Australian DFAT, Australian High Commission in Malaysia, Australian Federal Police, Australian and International media for asking all the right questions…and most of all, to the mother for remaining strong throughout this terrible ordeal”.
Why on earth are you thanking these government bodies? They did nothing for you and you attack them in numerous comments, for their lack of support for Eliza… your thanking them! Clown…

and this is a laugh, 30th Dec, “Another successful recovery. Despite false allegations, being held in jail on fake charges, corrupt police, fake wanted posters distributed with pictures of you and your son, you never gave up. Congratulations Eliza.”

Or this, 29th Dec, “Another successful recovery. Another successful outcome. Mother, child and extended family all returning to Australia. All allegations of sole custody, police manhunt, a missing child and drug allegations thrown out. Malaysian Police now asking for autographs and selfish. It’s over at last”

Check the dates on his posts…….the boy was not even in the hands of the Australian High Commission, and he started posting this crap! The boy was on a flight on the 1st January.

For some more real laughs, go on the Cowboys fb page and see yourself. Child Recovery Australia – Chapman. If you did post a comment stating facts, you would of been deleted from his page.

The Australian Federal Court order states the mother was not allowed to travel with her son…….

To everyone who supported Cowboy and the mother’s actions by liking a post or writing a wonderful comment on one of his posts, don’t feel bad…..your are not the only ones he has tricked, fooled or scammed over the years along with his colleagues, Donya Alnahi, Peter Thomas Senese, and Pat Desmond.

CARI has been offering support and guidance only to the father, making sure things were put in place if they tried to run out of Malaysia. We did not take part in any recovery of Griffin. We have, and will also provide advise on the father’s legal options to prevent his boy being re-abducted. CARI will not sit down and let an innocent child or parent be thrown under a bus, at the hands of individuals like Cowboy. The problem is too many parents are scared due to Cowboys threats he makes to them if they expose him. We got rid of one fraud scamming parents, and we will not sit and watch a dumb arse, putting children in danger with his 2 day private investigators course!

What is that saying, a liar believes his own lies after years of lies…..or just ask Donya Alnahi, she knows the saying.

Cowboy has even had the nerve to post these rubbish news articles over our page in an attempt to get us to bit…..before he deletes what he posted, immature clown. This was writing by Cowboy to another page before he deleted it, ” Child Recovery Australia – Chapman: Australia media have an enormous amount of respect for Col Chapman. Isn’t that obvious to you now?” Seems you post crap on others pages, and delete them more then you change your underwear.

The Australian authorities should be all over this clown, as was the FBI in New York for Peter Senese…/manhattan-u.s.-attorney-and-fbi-assis… , but parents need to stand up and come forward after he has scammed them. There is no way with all his lies, DV charge and scams he shouldn’t be allowed to work with children in any compasity. In the UK or US he wouldn’t last a minute.

Hats off to the Malaysian Police who acted in the best interest of the child, the Australian High Commission in KL for not being tricked by the mother or Chapman, and the Australian Federal Police and court for seeing straight through all the crap in the media.

Ash Crick, you should be extremely proud of your actions in the most difficult situation and circumstances you have been thrown into. It’s clear to anyone who doesn’t have their heads up either Cowboy or the mother’s backside, that you and Griffin are the victims in the biggest shambles and media campaign, in Australian Parental Child Abduction history.

As we have mentioned in the past, a child needs both parents, but in some situations the children are better off with one secure, loving and stable parent, when the other parent proves they can’t look after themselves or doesn’t have the children’s best interest in mind….

All CARI operatives can sleep well each night knowing, each job we do is always in the best interest of the child.

Welcome home Griffin…..we hope the media respect this little boy’s privacy now he is safe and home, so he can move on from this horrible ordeal. This post is about telling the truth, and to stop all the lies being told.

(Everything above are facts, which can be verified with evidence)
(Picture of Griffin and father taken today in Melbourne, Australia)

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