Cowboy Chapman exposed

Colin Chapman This outrageous story has gone viral due to the abductor and cowboy doing their very best, to try and ramp up support for the abductor and their illegal actions with this media circus they have going. It’s great though, to see the Australian media finally telling the truth about this story and those involved, as was not the case when it first broke.

This is why we say, the child recovery industry must be regulated to weed out these cowboys, who prey and manipulate vulnerable parents and in this case, making a quick $$ at the hands of a now missing 6 year old boy.

Unlike these Cowboys, CARI has a very strict vetting process we go through with every parent before we accept to help them. In our time doing this we have had to knock back 3 parents who asked for help after we found in our vetting process issues we thought, would not be in the child(rens) best interest if we did help.

The main things we vet our clients for are any, Domestic Violence signs or past charges to do with the other parent or the children, Drug and Alcohol abuse, Child Sexual assault, and Depression.

It’s very obvious and the evidence is all there from numerous different sources, that Eliza Szonert was in a exclusive rehab centre in North Thailand for numerous months for, Yes……Drug (ICE) and alcohol therapy. She was not in there for Depression as Eliza, her mother and Colin Chapman are using in their interviews with the media to cover these addictions up…….BUT regardless if she was in there for Depression, as they are stating (which is fiction), we and two other reputable agencies would not of assisted Eliza knowing she was just released from a drug rehab centre for, ‘Depression’.

Anyone with half a brain would know it was not right to illegally snatch a young child, and then putting that child in the hands of someone who was just released from a rehab centre, after spending months seeking therapy for drugs, alcohol and or depression. IT’S JUST WRONG!

This father did NOT abduct his child. It was agreed to by both parents he would take care of the boy in Malaysia where Eliza had been staying, while SHE AGREED to go into a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Thailand for her long addiction to ICE.

So Colin Chapman, again you can lie (which you are a PROFESSIONAL at) in the faces of your followers, but the facts are even if Eliza was in rehab for Depression (which you know is a load of toss), the ‘snatch’ which you are publically boasting about being done ‘The professional way’ and ‘Amazing’, is just a load of bull and as the world can see now, should never of happened. You are a liability to parents and children, and you give this industry a bad name.

During recoveries anything can change or go wrong if the information is not correct in the first place even for the best, as was in our Singapore case, which we have never hidden, and something Chapman likes to use as his little golden nugget against CARI. It’s very boring now Colin Chapman…..anyone can read the story on our blog.

All CARI’s jobs get screened for a ‘Moral’ and ‘Legal’ check by CARI before accepting to help. Doing things the right way, is why both large and small law firms around the world contact CARI for help with their clients cases or puts their clients in contact with CARI to help enforce what the courts have already ruled. We will also look into cases of child neglect, abuse, and trafficking and if we feel there is enough evidence to show a child needs help urgently, we will help them……….

Yes, this industry is controversial to some, usually to those pencil pushers in government positions, government funded charities, psychologists who tell parents recoveries will harm their child for life (complete nonsense), or those who have never had their children abducted and gone through the hell, that left behind parents experience, but it is a necessity that these innocent children, both now and for the future need, because the system fails parents again and again.

Unfortunately, that leads to scammers, frauds and Cowboys as in this case and the case of a colleague of Colin Chapman’s, Peter Thomas Senese who was arrested in NY by the FBI for doing what Colin and a few others have been doing for years…read this link…/manhattan-u.s.-attorney-and-fbi-assis…

When some clients come to us exhausted, bankrupt and given up ever seeing their children again, it’s our job to help reunite them with their child who has been at the end of the day, illegally abducted/kidnapped. No one else does and very little can, so we will… the children get home.

Press on the link below to read and share a surprising, but refreshing article written today by Australian media, More of this needs to be written to highlight both International Parental Abductions and the numerous cowboys in this industry, who are targeting vulnerable parents stating they can do things, that they clearly are not capable of doing, putting both parents and children in danger…….

This little innocent boy caught in the middle of all of this, has had his welfare and safety swept under the carpet. His best interest is not at heart by this mother and those involved in helping her.

We won’t be commenting on this case again, but will update you on the little boys situation. We all hope this little boy who is being used as a ‘tool’ by a selfish individual (we will say individual and not parent, as parents don’t do this to their children), is found by Malaysian Police and Interpol asap…….…/…/0fa32d74b027c84990fca0a10a133afc…

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