Abductors using the Media to get support

It’s a very sad situation for a 6 year old boy at the moment, in fear, isolated from both parents and in a foreign country just 2 days before Christmas. Why?

Mother arrested and father desperately trying to find his son along with Malaysian Police and Interpol.

Well there is always 2 sides to every story as we have said before, but anyone who takes a step back and follows the story of Ex Australian actress Eliza Szonert, who over a week ago illegally abducted her son while the little boy was having breakfast in a café with his father, will see a different picture then what is being painted by the mother and her cowboy assistor, Colin Chapman.

This is nothing but a Media Circus at it’s best! Within hours of the Eliza abducting her son while 3 boofheads threatened the father inside the café, not to make a scene, the ex neighbours actress was in Australian media. Why?

Not once in CARI’s 16 years of doing this job, have we known any parent who has been in the media immediately after they abduct their child(ren). This was clearly all planned in advance to hype up the Australian media and try and gain Australians to support their illegal abduction.

Follow the case, you will see within hours Colin Chapman posts all over his social media, “Amazing Job and Amazing outcome” (this has since been deleted once the truth broke out),  and ” This is how professionals do it”. (anyone in this industry knows Colin Chapman well, for his scams and cowboy behaviour. It’s why everyone refuses to work with the clown, including CARI when over a year ago Colin Chapman sent us a email asking if we would like to work with him after CARI was getting a lot of attention after some of our recoveries. We quickly declined his offer, hence he talks out of his backside with his slander towards CARI). No mention at all about Eliza just being released from a celebrity drug and alcohol rehab centre in Northern Thailand, which has been confirmed by numerous sources she has been battling a drug addiction (ICE) for years. Might be a good guess why Eliza has 3 other children all living in the US with full custody to her ex partner…. Then a journalist carried out some digging and found some holes in their story. When concerned parents posted news articles on Colin Chapman’s social media questioning their story, what happened? Of course, they were all deleted very quickly in an attempt to cover up the truth.

Now, anyone can and is entitled to post what ever they like on their own social media, but when it concerns a very serious issue of abduction and a 6 year old boy’s safety and welfare, it’s just plain wrong.

One interesting statement Eliza made to one of the many media interviews over the last week, is the one where she blames her so called depression on her ex partners! She is blaming all her ex partners……Really…..what a load of toss. Then her and her mother along with Colin Chapman, come up with a plan to try and hide her drug and alcohol addiction…..’let’s just tell the media you have depression, and were in a well known drug and alcohol centre for depression and not the addictions you have been battling for years!’

The father has not made one statement besides, He doesn’t want to comment as his child’s welfare is his main concern.

This is what parents should be doing, putting their children first and not interested in how many interviews they can get. Eliza has done nothing but attack the father, which apparently (not confirmed) is exactly what she did against her other ex partners who have now custody of the 3 girls.

Some media really need to look into facts before publishing a story, which as in this case can be picked apart in many different ways once the truth is exposed. Why on earth if you have the best interest of your child at heart, would you get the media involved with every breath you take……?

Even when Eliza was walking into the Malaysian Police Station the other day, what did she do? That’s right, she had her phone videoing her walking into the Police Station even introducing her Malaysian lawyer who seemed to be smiling as if this is a joke as they walked toward the door.

This was not an abduction by the father, regardless of what is being written by Colin Chapman over his social media. Colin is stating the father abducted the child in his cover story for Eliza….all lies! What the cowboy and the mother have done is just wrong and will scare the boy for life. He will never forget what you both have done, and we are sure when he grows up he will not appreciate in the slightest, what you have put him through over the last couple of weeks.

Honestly, people will side with the mother after all the media she has attracted along with the Cowboy  – Colin Chapman, who just blatantly continues to lie to his followers, out his backside, and people will side with the father. This is just natural, but nobody is siding for the little boy who is still missing. Eliza can go on and on and on about he said this, and he did that, like all delusional and guilty abductors do, but in no way at all, has she had the little boys welfare as the main priority. If she had so, then she would not of hired these liabilities who are cash and media whores. You would of spoke together with the father, including others to assist in coming up with a amicable conclusion in, which was in the best interest of the child, NOT YOU ELIZA and your money hungry Cowboy Chapman……

Now, Eliza’s mother has been flown in to hide the little boy away from Police and the father……we told you in another blog, grandparents are always involved!!

Stop, with your media circus Eliza Szonert, and start putting the spot light on the scared, and worried little boy who is alone, and needs his parents (or at least one of them). When the dust settles, and everyone is back in Australia what you have done Eliza, and are doing will affect your custody as any sound judge can see your unstable and a loose cannon.

Chapman is very well known in this industry, for doing this to children. Leaving them stranded in foreign countries is what he does best and with over a dozen left behind parents who could support that comment, he needs to seriously look at what he is doing. His signature, is to threaten the client with telling the media that they are bad parents, if they tell the truth about how he messes up again and again.

You can fool your little group of followers Cowboy, and lie all you like, but the truth is out there in black and white regarding many cases you have put children in danger.

Classic Cowboy, who can not do half the things he says he can do……just like in the Aljazeera documentary he was in recently. Job gets too hard, so I will tell the client we can’t help, after he has the client’s money in his pockets. The film crew had to negotiate and do his job for him for god sake. The film crew even stated they were very concerned for the child’s safety with Chapman’s amateur actions. Amateur through and through. And what does he do when he knows people are looking at his social media….. he posts fake recoveries with no evidence at all, besides a picture. Desperate amateur seeking attention in his fb bubble.

This is why this industry needs to be regulated to protect parents and children from cowboys like Colin Chapman.

We hope the little boy’s welfare is changed to the number one priority instead of the media circus going on.

This case is very similar to this case CARI dealt with in Poland. The mothers in both abductions turn immediately to the media giving their lies to cover up their illegal actions. Press on this link to read what the Polish mother did and how the media treated her after the truth broke…. https://childabductionrecovery.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/polish-media-back-paddling-on-craig-michaels-case-child-abduction/



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