Beware of cowboys Colin Chapman

People can keep their mouths closed, and watch this happen again and again to innocent children and parents, but we’ll stand up and say what needs to be said…..

This link is the latest report by Sydney Morning Herald….Colin Chapman and the other two thugs are wanted by Malaysian police for ‘wrongful confinement’ arrest warrants issued.

This is how and why you DO NOT do a job like these cowboys did! A little boy is now missing on the run in a foreign country….thanks to one idiot who is constantly scamming and putting parents and children in danger.


Appears there’s a lot more to this story than previously indicated by Australian media. The Australian media was all over this story when it broke last week, but now are starting to back paddle due to the facts coming to light by both the Malaysian police and other media sources.

A statement from a very reputable journalist in Australia to CARI, who has personally dealt with Colin Chapman Child Recovery Australia.

“Appears the mother has just got out of rehab for a major drug issue she has been battling for years. I’m predicting ICE as she had violent episodes involving a knife. That’s probably why the Dad felt it necessary to keep his son from his mum for a while. She emerges from rehab and just snatches the boy, crying poor mouth because she’s a soapy star. Complete mess and that figures when dealing with someone like Colin Chapman… cowboy is praising him up”

Let’s start by saying, there is no way on this planet CARI or any reputable recovery organization would of touch this case. Firstly, it was morally wrong and not an abduction, the father did not abduct his child, he was the legal parent with legal custody sitting at a restaurant having breakfast with his son, while the mother was seeking help for a ongoing drug addiction. Secondly, the very unstable mother just got released from a drug rehab centre in Thailand due to battling a drug problem for years.

This is the difference between a reputable organization and someone who only sees $$$$. This little boy is now on the run in Malaysia with a very volatile and unfit parent who is now wanted by the Malaysian police.

There are two points we need to highlight because left behind parents need to know there are many cowboys in this industry and why CARI is meeting with a government including a Central Authority next week to discuss issues like this. We will be using this story in our meeting to show just what these cowboys do and the situations they put parents and children in.

This link is to a article we posted in the past about Colin Chapman and his scamming colleagues, who target left behind parents. Press on this link……Colin Chapman

The illegal snatch:
Any person reading this could snatch a young child from a restaurant using two boofheads to intimidate the father. This was not a recovery at all; it was a clear illegal abduction and a way to get media attention. The boy is clearly upset and stressed during the video. What happened next is the most bizarre thing and something CARI and another organization cannot get our heads around, why they just left the mother and child in Malaysia, knowing all too well the Australian Embassy would not issue new passports. Where is this a recovery? Pick up a child and dump them, not even having plans to get them home!

The truth is this lot could not get themselves out of a wet paper bag. Looking into his past jobs, this is not the first time they have made a mess of things and left an Australian mother and her child stranded till this day in Egypt. All week Chapman has been boasting and posting the initial media reports, which does not state the truth or facts. Comments like, “This is how a professional recovery organization does it” and “Amazing job, Amazing result” are nothing but crap. What kind of idiots would snatch an innocent little boy from a caring and secure environment, and put that boy in the hands of a recovering drug addict, and then force them both to go on the run in a foreign country. The father has handed the passports to the police as requested. The Australian government knows very well what this cowboy does and the reason why they will not assist the mother. He was the same idiot who scammed $10,000 from the Australian father, Stuart Dempster in Thailand, and did absolutely nothing before Stuart contacted CARI to recover his daughter back to Australia. All reported to the Australian Central Authority who deals with abduction cases involving Australian children.

The mother:
Regardless if a parent is a celebrity or not, we don’t care what any person says, no parent is fit to take care of a child when they just get out of a drug rehab centre. Chapman stated to the media, the mother was in a drug rehab centre for depression! Of course she was……idiot.

Malaysian Star Online: The mother told Malaysian police she was going to show up to the police station, she did not and is still in hiding with a scared little boy. Kuala Lumpur deputy police chief Datuk Law Hong Soon said Eliza Szonert (a former actress on Australian series Home & Away) had promised to be present at the police station Monday to give her statement, however, there was no sign of the woman.
“We will track her down soon to help in investigations. Do not run or hide,” he told reporters after a crime prevention and blood donation campaign Tuesday.

Police have now issued CCTV of the thugs and the mother carrying the boy. You can clearly see Colin Chapman walking behind the mother, holding his phone camera against his chest filming the whole disgraceful situation. He has been known as the media whore. Within hours of snatching this poor boy, both the mother and Colin Chapman contacted Australian media to put their lies into action. All are wanted by Malaysian police. Was and is the boys welfare the first priority? Absolutely NOT…..


Chapman can post whatever he likes on his social media, hoping to get some Australian sympathy support for the mother. He is nothing but a media attention seeker, full stop! To accept this job was wrong, to leave the mother and child stranded on the run in a foreign country is disgusting, unprofessional and downright pathetic.

The bottom line is the mother should never have been put in that position in the first place. She should have been advised to seek legal advice in Malaysia or talk to the father like two parents should do. The first thing the mother did after snatching her son, was to go to the Australian media and use her past celebrity status giving her very questionable story, which is now being picked apart with true facts.

Colin Chapman is fooling the people who follow his social media, but there is a reason why he constantly lies to everyone about this case.

Unfortunately, especially in this case people are or were, blinded by initial media reports, which painted a completely different story then the truth. As we say, there is always two sides to a story, but only one truth. This link shows the latest and most accurate media report….


We hope the little boy is found safe and well asap, and handed back to his father. The main priority should be the boy’s welfare and safety. This also should have been the main priority from the beginning, instead of some cowboys wanting cash in their pockets.

We will continue to tell the truth in the hope these cowboys stop putting children in danger.

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