How not to do a recovery!

There are just too many amateurs and cowboys in this industry putting children and parents in danger. Again , we urge any parent to look into who they hire.

This child should never have been snatched illegally from the father from a café. This article by Daily Mail UK has exposed the truth about what really happened unlike the Australian media reports who first reported on the incident.

The mother has been battling drug addiction for years and was just released from a drug rehab centre in Thailand before she and Colin Chapman illegally snatched the frightened boy from the father.

Where are the Malaysian court orders? Nothing….

There is a good reason the Malaysian police are hunting the mother and abducted child. There is always two sides to a story but only one truth.

The Australian Embassy and Government have every right to refuse to issue new passports as the mother needs to get legal advise and go through the Malaysian courts.

The father and police have stated, the boys safety is their main priority at the moment.

The idiots who snatched this child, then just dumped the mother and child at a secret location and left her. The mother and child are now on the run in a foreign country, yet Colin Chapman claims it was a professional job in Australian media reports.  This is not a recovery, but an idiot looking for publicity. How on earth can they just leave the mother and child!!!! Any idiot can pick up a child in a café.

This is a joke and a result of an amateur seeing $$$$$$$ compared to what is right by law and morally the right thing to do. To snatch a child like that and hand over to a parent who just left a drug rehab centre is seriously wrong.

We hope the child is found safely by police soon and returned to his father.

This article exposes a different story then Colin Chapman’s rubbish claims the mother was in a drug rehab centre for ‘depression’!!!

Complete shambles…..

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