Russian Recovery

Say hello to Borya…..safely recoverd this afternoon from Russia after being illegally and violently abducted by his uncle at the age of 20 months. The uncle, father and his family have done their best to avoid anybody finding Borya, until recently by CARI. Neglected and often assaulted by family members who have been demanding a large amount of money, in exchange for Borya’s return.


Unfortunately our team does not speak Russian, but we didn’t need to….. to understand the special bond these two have after the reactions from both mother and son, when they first seen each other again.

A big thanks again to our Russian friends. Thank you to the local police who went out your way to assist our team once we found Borya…… We know you will be reading this, you were very swift and professional in dealing with the situation. An example more should follow. “спасибо”

CARI has been searching for Borya over the last 11 months and after hard work and persistent, we finally got a lead, which started an operation with CARI and authorities earlier today. Both father and uncle have been detained by police for numerous offences. Good luck with that!

Yesterday Borya turned 4, so our team asked Borya what he wanted to do for his birthday, Borya replied in Russian, “Макдоналдс” (McDonald’s).

Once safely back home with his mother and family, washed with new clothes, and before CARI said goodbye, we took him to McDonald’s of course……he was more interested in the happy meal toy, then eating. I think we got tricked by a 4 year old…….

No rest for the wicked, this team is directly off to another location, while CARI’s other 3 teams are in location on other assignments, trying to bring more children home before Christmas.

Welcome home little man, and to CARI’S family….

Those who are thinking about abducting your child, please DON’T DO IT…. you harm your child for life!

(Posted at request of mother)

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