Lebanon recovery of little Daniel

Say hello to daniel…..illegally abducted from Russia to Lebanon 1.5 years ago by his father. We are very happy to announce as of 4pm today Daniel and his mother are safely home in Russia, reunited with his loving family.

CARI was contacted 11 months ago by Daniel’s mother who had lost all hope and completely given up to get her son home. A friend told her about CARI…and the rest is history.

Unfortunately CARI’s operation to rescue Daniel took us 23 days due to Daniel being hidden in a no go area close to the Syria border. All governments strongly advise against all travel to this area East of Beirut along the Lebanon – Syrian border, but knowing what situation Daniel was experiencing all alone at the age of 2.5, we had to help regardless of the risks to our operatives.


CARI has another two cases going on in Lebanon, but we know of many many more children illegally abducted into Lebanon by their fathers. We call it the black hole of child abduction in the Middle East.

We have highlighted Lebanon in the past and nothing has changed or ever will, in regards to fathers abducting their children to Lebanon. It’s not a crime and the authorities do not care. It’s a male dominated country. Issues like this are dealt with by different methods other then going through the courts. Usually elderly male relatives get involved to try and solve it or mothers call CARI.

If your child gets abducted to Lebanon you will not get them home through the courts or political means and anyone telling you this, is full of it….

After a good wash, change of clothes and a night in a nice hotel, Daniel and his mother were safely escorted back home by CARI. The entire trip back, he didn’t let go of his mum, not once.

A big thanks to the team on the ground in Beirut who risked their own lives to rescue Daniel. No one else could of recovered this innocent boy. To our wonderful and professional contacts in Lebanon who assisted our team yet again, you are the best…thank you!

Another recovery people said, couldn’t be carried out…….we say job done.

Welcome home little man from all the team.


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  1. Daniel Swanson says:

    Wow! You continue to amaze me what you do. Too bad I wasn’t in law enforcement or military. I would love to bean operative. Being also named Daniel I thank you for the little Daniel that needed you most.

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