Frauds, Scammers, Cowboys in Parental Child Abduction on Facebook

Facebook….love it or hate it, it’s there for all and here to stay.

What has Facebook got to do with International Parental Child Abduction?

Too much! Is the answer unfortunately…

Why, because left behind parents (those who have had their children abducted) have no idea where to turn to looking for answers and help, so they search for help on….you got it, Facebook.

Honestly, we hate it and if it wasn’t for desperate, vulnerable parents searching for answers, we would not be on it. Left behind parents need to know that someone is out there who can help, instead of all these bullsxxt pages and groups who guide parents in the wrong direction or worse.

The reality is Facebook is 50 percent liars, fake profiles, cheats, scammers, frauds, hate pages and groups who brainwash parents.

A reality check left behind parents…..there are at least 4 known individuals on Facebook, 3 of which who seem to be members on every single Facebook page or group, private or public, who continue to scan these fb pages looking and watching for you victim parents to post your stories or your new page, then they make contact with you promising the world. Now, those individuals will be reading this post as they do every other post we put up, thinking shit…..shut up CARI. Hang on, I know how to shut them up, lets start another hate page against CARI. Just like what Colin Chapman in Australia loves nothing more to do, or Andrew Laws, Donya Al nahi or Pat Desmond. It’s called tracing you half wits with technology….something amatuers have no idea about.

In the last 2 weeks alone, we have had 3 left behind parents come to us (not the first by the way), and tell us things they have been told by groups and individuals on Facebook that really blows our mind. It’s sickening to know there are absolute scum in this world who will take vulnerable parents for every cent they have. One of our Managing Directors recently discussed this issue on live radio in Australia and we will keep discussing this issue until these individuals drop down a deep dark hole.

One parent last night called us crying her eyes out about what happened to her. So that prompted this post, as we don’t usually post this sort of crap but enough is enough, many parents have had enough. Parents who come out with their horrible stories with facts and evidence, only to be slammed by their perpetrators on Facebook, making them look like the bad person or creating lies on other pages about these victim parents or even going so low as to post a picture of the parent with their child on fb with crude comments attached in an attempt to shut the parent up. 2 recent mothers come forward after they gave a total of 55,575 Euros to Donya Al-Nahi to get their children home and who did absolutely nothing. Now one mother is under attack with her babies face being splattered on Donyas pages. Any parent who is in a closed group which belongs to these individuals, beware.


We have done our own research on Facebook and we have found over 50 pages or groups, closed or public to do with Parental Child Abduciton! 50……..unreal….more than half give left behind parents the wrong information.

Parents are telling us they are even requesting direct to pages and groups to block or ban individuals who have scammed them, but these page admin’s, the individuals who run these pages, refuse to do so for god knows what reasons. It’s about time page admin’s pull your head out of your backside and protect these parents and all the others members you have on your page or group, otherwise close your bloody pages down.

We ask any page or group admin who has these individuals as a member, why are you not protecting all the parents on your page? Your allow them to scan for their next target!

Parents please please please, be careful on Facebook. If you don’t know who your talking to, don’t talk to them. Anyone contacting you on Facebook telling you they have been through what you are going through, and then recommend someone to help you get your child home, is more then likely being paid to do so or is a fake account (more then likely fake account) with one of these individuals behind the keyboard.

This is not new, these individuals have been doing this for a long time, it’s just no one has stood up to their little circle, until recently.

What needs to happen is the Child Recovery industry needs to be totally regulated……protecting parents from these individuals, but that will never happen. It’s about this time right now, that these individuals will be reporting this post to facebook to get it taken down…. the bottom line is, the truth will never go away.

Parents you need to report them to the authorities, it’s the only way or sue them in court, like we did with Donya Al Nahi for Libel/Slander in the UK. What ever you do, do not take their crap…..

This post is not about attacking Facebook or the four unsavoury individuals we mentioned, it’s about making you, the left behind victim parent aware what is going on inside your computer screen.

Love it or hate it, Facebook is not going away….

Oops nearly forgot, if you don’t like reading the truth about what is happening, get off our page.

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