CARI speaking out..

Part of CARI’s quieter role, which most do not see is the awareness we are trying to raise about International Parental Child Abduction. Lets face it, there is little awareness and what is out there is mostly crap and not reality. Left behind parents are often pushed into a washing machine, along with other left behind parents being thrown around from one person to another, getting advise that is often rubbish, untrue or misleading. We plan to stop the washing machine and give left behind parents the truth without all the red tap, political crap.

After a recent recovery in South America, CARI was asked to speak to students at the leading investigation school/organization in Bogota, Colombia about International Child Abduction. South America countries in most abductions, are safe heavens for child abductors, with the abductors knowing the governments/system in South America do not adhere to The Hague Convention rules or laws, often taking ‘care of their own’.

What CARI plans to do is educate organizations, schools, lawyers, community and government bodies on the reality of abductions and The Hague Convention. We will be highlighting what prevention measures can be taken by parents who believe their children are at risk, and what government and authority bodies can do by working in conjunction with CARI. We do what the police and authorities should be doing.

CARI has an excellent working relationship with many law firms around the world, who often assist CARI in legal matters with recoveries for our clients.

Working together to not only prevent abductions, but to safely and legally recover abducted children within their jurisdiction.

Child Abduction Recovery International, places the highest priority on the welfare of children, and is deeply committed to assisting and reuniting children and parents involved in International Parental Child Abduction cases around the world.

This is why we also strongly believe this field should be ‘regulated’, to stop left behind parents falling victim to all those scammers and frauds, who continue to prey on vulnerable parents.

As we have said and will continue to say…..If we don’t tell the truth and help, who will……

(One of CARI’s managing directors, with the head of the investigation school in Colombia. Our team thanks you for your invitation and hospitality. It was fun and a pleasure)


CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International

PRC – Project Rescue Children

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