Say hello to Mayra

Say hello to 9 year old Mayra (in the middle)…..reunited today with her very happy loving mother and little sister.

Mayra, was illegally abducted 9 months ago out of Peru to Argentina where she was left to fend for herself on a daily basis from day one. We say it all the time, but she is another victim of neglect. A team from CARI has been working this case for 7 months now, unfortunately without authorities on this one, due to one word….corruption.

It´s very sad some authorities will only act if they are paid money, but that´s what CARI deals with in numerous countries we operate in.


CARI infiltrated the local area where Mayra was being held against her will, after receiving a tip from a contact. Due to Mayras age and being able to communicate (in Spanish), we were able to secretly get a message to Mayra undetected and start a line of communication with her. We have to say, she was extremely desperate to get out of the hell hole she was being held in. Yes, being held in….like a locked up animal.

At 8am Friday morning, CARI and our contacts made arrangements with Mayra to get her out safely and quickly. Due to Mayra being one tough cookie and brave young girl, she was recovered safely by CARI and returned home to Peru.

The Hague Convention or Mediation……yeh right, you got to be kidding, in South America! What a load of crap, and the reason why this mother avoided it and was instructed by her lawyer, to contact CARI.

Again, says it all really……

Like all our assignments, this was a wonderful team effort. As we have stated before, CARI will not reveal the identities of our operatives or contacts, so you will only get to see the ugly face of one of our MD´s. Big thanks to our Argentina friends, those authorities and contacts who assisted.

Thank you Mayra´s grandmother, for the lovely Peruvian dish – Lomo Saltado. Scott didn´t want to leave the kitchen and is still talking about it.

Welcome home Mayra……job done.

This is CARI´s 4th recovery in September. We love working those abductions that people say are impossible, or the ones those cowboys out there mess up because they have no idea what they are doing, or scam parents.

That´s why, CARI is second to none!

(Posted at request of Mayra and her family)

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