Grandparents in International Child Abductions / Kidnappings;

CARI likes nothing better than returning children illegally abducted around the world, but we also like to bring up issues without the sugar coating, and tell the truth about topics those others including governments simply ignore and or avoid.

Like it or hate it, the hard cold facts are in nearly all CARI’S cases we deal with of International Child Abduction, (and we’re sure those we don’t) grandparent(s) are ALWAYS involved directly or in directly in the illegal abduction of children from the other parent.

In many cases it’s the grandparents who coach or brainwash the parent, into illegally abducting their child (ren), for their own selfish motives.

Narc grandparents FB

The problem is, they continue to get away with their involvement, untouched by the courts and authorities. Recently though, UK based grandparents were sentenced to 14 months and 12 months for lying to Police, UK courts and being physically involvement in their daughter’s illegal abduction of her two children from the UK to Costa Rica. Hats off to the UK police and judge involved.

This we believe is long overdue and sends out a strong message to other UK grandparents thinking of getting involved in an abduction. The trouble is most other judicial systems around the world won’t follow suite and never will.

In one case CARI was involved in, the abducting parent decided to hand their child to the grandparents who went on the run around Europe for months on end, after The Hague Convention court ruled against this parent. This selfish parent thinking they were smart then went on their daily routines as if nothing was going on, living like a socialite enjoying their romantic new lover, while the young child was being dashed through different countries in the EU trying to avoid the authorities, like a fugitive without either parent. Even Interpol’s red, blue, pink, yellow, green, orange, white, purple, brown, (whatever color there is, all are useless. Left behind parents, please don’t think you will get help from Interpol) these to grandparents freely ran and were allowed to due to the authorities, normal ‘who cares’ approach and attitudes.

No stable daily routine, no safety, no school, no medical, no friends, just two elderly grandparents who could hardly look after themselves. Physically and mentally abused, this child like so many more around the world who did not choose to be in these horrible situations, need to be helped. Why why why put these innocent children through a life of hell, when you know perfectly well it’s only a matter of time before you can’t run any longer….or CARI catches up with you. And where is this child now you might ask……back with the left behind parent living a wonderful, safe and secure life.

What did the authorities do to these two selfish, irresponsible grandparents and abductor….nothing, nothing at all.

Grandparents and parents need to really step up to the plate, and act like adults instead of selfish immature children, thinking of nothing but themselves. Those who believe your illegal abduction is justified for the best interest of the child (ren), you’re an idiot! If you (parents) can’t act in the best interest of children…then keep your bloody underwear and pants on!!

Those who are victims of abuse or you say your child (ren) are being abused, seek help. If you report all incidents, keep physical evidence of the abuse and the authorities still don’t take action, which we know does happen (social services are pathetic), seek help elsewhere like local NGO’s or contact CARI………if you can prove to us the abuse you are alleging, then we will go out of our way to help you and your child (ren), as we have done many times in the past. The words ‘Red tape’ and ‘beau curacy’ don’t exist in CARI’s vocabulary…..

In our now 15 years dealing with child abductions we have heard every allegation under the sun, with unfortunately 99 percent being false (fact).

For the sake of the little ones, don’t abduct your child (ren) or make false allegations against the other parent, which has damaging effects on that parent both socially and professionally. Not only that, when your children are old enough to understand, and they hear or see the false allegations you have made against their other parent, it will have an effect on your child (ren)’s thoughts of YOU.

In nearly all enquiries that come to CARI, there are allegations of physical abuse or being an unfit mentally, unstable parent.

Honestly, we cannot think of the last abduction we helped recover a child for our clients, where the child (ren) were not handed or dumped on the grandparents so they can look after and raise the child (ren), while the abductor goes on with life, with a new partner and often in a different country. Call it what you like, it’s one of the most selfish acts a parent can do, to illegally abduct their children, dump them with the grandparents all just to piss off, the left behind parent.

We are in constant contact with all our past clients and children we have helped around the world, and if those abductor’s reading this think for one second, your children will respect you for not letting them see their left behind parent, again you’re an idiot! You (abductors) might think for a while you have the power or whatever other crazy thoughts you have, but it will not last……. As we have seen first-hand….your children will take it out on you (the abductor and the grandparents),when they are older. Kids are not stupid.

There is no justification for parents to illegally abduct their child (ren) and that includes all those grandparents who are either instigating or jumping on the ban wagon to illegally abduct children internationally.

Governments need to pull their fingers out, and start to recognize what the hell is going on out there to these children. Get laws put in place to punish grandparents and family members for their involvement in abductions. For god sake make Parental Child Abduction a CRIME. Put pressure on the courts, to put pressure on the authorities to get off their arses, and start enforcing what their own courts are ruling. Enforce the bloody decisions you make.

Fact…..Child Abduction is child abuse, regardless of what you critics say and if grandparents stayed out of International Child Abduction, there would be so much less children being abducted around the world. Instead of grandparents telling parents to take the children and run home, “we (grandparents) will take care of the kids for you”, why don’t you tell them to act like a good parent and try work it out for the children’s sake, not because you’re (grandparents) lonely and want the grandchildren to yourselves……start acting like grandparents should be acting and not like a Narcissistic.

(Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and others. It is a cluster B personality disorder). ‘The Narcissistic Family ‘– Nobody acts like they know nothing.

Every child deserves to have a loving relationship with both Mum and Dad and ‘no one’ should stop this happening.


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