Fathers Emotional Radio Interview

ABC Radio Australia interviewed one heartbroken father, after CARI recovered his daughter from Thailand.

15 minute interview. Press on ABC logo below for link….



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  1. Paul Araki-Metcalfe says:

    My name is Paul from Perth WA, and my three young Australian children were kidnapped to Japan by their Japanese mother over two and a half hearts ago. Since they were taken before Japan became a signatory of the Hague Convention they will never be considered for return. I was assisted by Australian Hague lawyers, and sent my application for access according to Hague Convention International Law. Japan accepted and acknowledged my legal right, but will do nothing to enforce that right. I lived in Japan for over nine years and I know from experience that Japan is for the Japanese and foreigners are outsiders with little or no rights. It appears that Australian hague lawyers do not wide to fight for my rights or my three young australian children’s rights. I have caught Japan in a lie and cover-up, but Australia appears NOt to want to offend or upset Japan over this. They contacted me after one year, as they had yet to win one case against Japan. I say, if you are NOt prepared to fight, you will never win. It appears my only option is to pay the $10,000 ransom to a Japanese lawyer to have my case heard in a Japanese Court. Getting a Japanese Court to enforce the legal right of a foreigner on a Japanese citizen? Yeah, right.
    Please, if anyone has any success, could you share with me as I appear to have hit a wall. No-one is prepared to step up and fight for my right, and my three children’s right, against Japan.
    Thank you

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