Crystal Recovery Truth revealed

There has been a lot of media attention on the Crystal Michael’s recovery, but until now due to criminal charges, the father has not been allowed to tell the truth on why it took 3 high court Polish judges only 30 minutes, to make a decision in the best interest of Crystal.

The overwhelming, horrible and sickening videos and email evidence produced to the courts in Poland (which CARI operatives have seen ourselves), is the reason why Crystal was ordered immediately to be returned to her father in Cyprus.


Anyone who is aware of International Child Abductions and Poland’s reputation on returning foreign children, will know what these 3 judges did is one in a million……..

What you will hear in this 9.5 minute video about Crystal, has been confirmed by a local GP and gynecologist in Cyprus on Crystals return, after CARI recovered her.

These are the shocking reasons why CARI acted immediately to get Crystal out of her nightmare. Since Crystal has been recovered she is doing tremendously well and loving her new, safe life, with her sister and father.

When Crystal tells one of our managing directors over the phone recently, “Thank you for helping me”……..we know she is living life like every child deserves to live.

Anyone who suggests what the father did was wrong even with the backing of the courts, and can have an impact on his daughter, go stick your head in a toilet and flush it………then flush it again, because you have no idea of the hell this little princess went through.

Thank you to Mats, Calle, Thomas….. for putting this video together and to allow the truth to be told.

We say again, Do Not think for one minute, because a child has been kidnapped by a relative or parent that that child is safe and well…..CARI has and is currently working on cases that will shock you.

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