‘Abducted’ ITV Documentary

For all those who have not seen the documentary ‘Abducted’ outside the UK, this is for you.


Watch and see just how bad, ‘The Hague Convention’ is failing parents and their abducted children.

Watch the UK government tell a heartbroken mother to write a letter to get her child back……what a joke!

Governments do not care for these children and absolutely no one helps the left behind parents. This is why CARI has a waiting period for any new clients wanting our help….


What you do not see in this documentary, is the reason why the 3 Polish high court judges took only 30 minutes to rule, Crystal must be returned immediately back to her father.

We will reveal that reason in a new video we will shortly publish. It’s something the mother has been hiding due to legal reasons, hence it’s not in this ITV documentary, but now we can announce the horrible and shocking reasons CARI treated this recovery as urgent.

WARNING……PLEASE NOTE: It’s been brought to our attention since the documentary aired on UK TV, there are two frauds telling parents they are associated with CARI.

CARI has not in 16 years, and will not contact or approach any left behind parent.

CARI has one contact number +46707385598, for inquiries

CARI has one email for inquiries info@childabductionrecovery.com

All new clients go through the initial process, with one and only one of our Managing Directors, Adam Whittington.

If you have been approached by anyone with different details then above, it’s NOT CARI.

We ask any left behind parent or victim, not to post about your situation on our social media for all the see. This is the way frauds, which we have posted on in the past, approach and target their next victim to scam. These frauds monitor our social media more then we do………

Please send a private message if you wish to contact CARI.

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