Little Lucia Rescued

Say hello to little Lucia, abducted while she was sleeping at the age of 4 months. Over the last 6 months a team from CARI has been pulling all stops to try and find Lucia, and we are extremely happy to say as of 3pm today, she was safely recoverd from Romania.

Unfortunately, Lucia is not doing well and CARI’s team is following her and her estatic mother back to their country and straight to hospital. Please, don’t think that these innocent children are safe and well, if they are abducted by a parent. Lucia like so many, has lived like a fugitive in 2 different countries since being taken, living in some horrendous conditions, just so the abductor avoids being caught.


In all the years doing recoveries, Lucia’s condition would be one of the worst we have found a child in. Filthy dirty and undernourished, she is very weak and needs medical attention. No child deserves to be put in these situations at the hands of selfish individuals. Stop using children as your weapons…….

To the Romanian police who offered to help…..if they were given money, even with a international arrest warrant out on the father, you really really suck!

This was a great team effort by CARI operatives. It was a tough one, but we got there.

Welcome home Lucia, we are praying you make a speedy recovery……get well soon from all the team.

To those abductors out there who follow our social media, you might think your safe, but if we are on your case, we will get you…..

Posted at request of mother.
(CARI does not post all our recoveries on social media due to our clients request for privacy, and all operatives identities besides one of our managing directors, are keep private for operational purposes).

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  1. Daniel says:

    Corrupt countries need to get rid of the corruption fast. Have sanctions that no tourists from countries that don’t want their children treated like this. Mexico, Aruba and Romania would have negative economic impact if just Americans and European s stopped going there. There are countries I wouldn’t let my children visit because the government’s can’t guarantee their safety. Good for her you found her when you did. Bet she could have suffered worse if not found sooner. Good job guys and gals who rescued her. Good Job!

    1. Thanks Daniel. Totally agree with your thoughts….

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