International Parental Child Abduction Documentary

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, their child abducted and smuggled overseas. In the UK every 12 hours a child is taken by a parent or family member. The left behind parent often has to go through years of heartache, fighting their ex-partner through the international courts just to see their child again. Some never do.

Abducted, a new documentary for ITV produced by Wild Pictures, follows three parents on emotional and dramatic journeys as they desperately try to get their children back from foreign countries. With exclusive access to a team of child recovery experts who take children back, Abducted shows some parents are taking desperate measures.

Britons are increasingly finding partners from abroad. But when these relationships break down, things can get messy, especially when children are involved. The number of children abducted by an estranged parent has doubled in the last decade.

The documentary includes dramatic scenes of one British father, who employs specialists in child recovery to get his abducted daughter back from Poland.

Channel ITV Tuesday 4th August, 9pm. To answer all the messages we have received from our followers worldwide, we will be uploading the documentary to CARI’s you tube account.

In this picture, little Crystal giving one of CARI’s directors, a big thank you kiss and hug, just hours after a team from CARI safely and legally recovered Crystal from Poland.

FB kiss

A big pat on the back goes to the Cypriot Embassies in Vienna and Warsaw and the Polish lawyers involved, all for assisting CARI in enforcing the Polish courts decision and getting Crystal home safely.

A big thanks to the documentary company and our friends, ‘Wild Pictures’, who followed CARI’s team in Poland. It was a pleasure having you as the first media to follow a team from CARI.

CARI allowed Wild Pictures access to this recovery, not for advertising CARI (as we do not need anymore work due to our already exhausted schedules. Our operatives hardly see their own families), but to bring awareness and show just how terrible the system is for the ‘left behind parent’, in trying to get their children home.

Any parent in a international relationship should be made aware of what can happen if things go down hill in their relationship.

To the system, including The Hague Convention………you suck!
To the UK FCO and your government funded charities telling parents their only way to see their children again, is to go through the system………you lie and suck!

We hear it from every single UK client that comes to us or enquires with us, just how bad you treat these parents.

It’s about time you muppets started being honest with UK ‘left behind parents’. If you started doing half the ‘legal’ things the other nations do to assist, as we know they do, there would be more children being returned to the UK. Neglecting abducted innocent children as you do………shameful.

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