CARI in documentary for the first time…


It’s finally confirmed…..August 4th, 9pm on ITV 1 in the UK, watch ‘Abducted’. One of numerous documentaries CARI is currently involved in. Watch just how the system fails parents time and time again leaving parents no other options, but to recover their children themselves with the help of CARI.

Watch CARI legally recover a little girl who’s father went through the hell of The Hague Convention over and over, only to be stuck with a worthless piece of paper stating his daughter must be returned immediately. Watch an abductor who continually ignored the courts rulings, corrupt authorities not interested in enforcing the courts rulings and the wonderful moment two beautiful sisters were reunited for the first time after 2.5 years apart. This is the first time CARI has allowed any media to follow a recovery and the first time a recovery has ever been seen on major TV.

Parents are continually left to fend for themselves as some governments in particular the UK FCO, simply neglect UK abducted children and their ‘left behind parent’.

The only reason we allowed media to follow CARI’s operatives is to bring more awareness to the worldwide epidemic problem of ‘Parental Child Abduction’ and show that the ‘System’ continues, time and time again, to fail victim parents around the world……

Oh yeh……and nothing will ever change, besides CARI getting more and more busy!

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