Singapore – International Parental Child Abduction

Singapore & International Parental Child Abduction:
This time we highlight Singapore after recently we have had numerous victim parents contact CARI in desperation and disbelief in the way they are treated by the Singaporean Authorities.
The Hague Convention on International Parental Abduction came into force on March 1, 2011.

CARI’s feelings of sympathy for abductors are curtailed. They thoroughly manipulated and alienate the children. In addition, they thoroughly manipulated the legal systems of both involved countries. All too simply stop the children from having any relationship with the other parent. If that’s not bad enough, victim parents also have to deal with a lack of support and corruption by those who should be helping.
What follows is typical of some of the skullduggery perpetrated by international child abductors and how the system in this case Singapore, treats yet another victim parent. Anyone who states mediation is the only way to go, is having a laugh and fooling victim parents. In CARI’s 15 year experience dealing with International Parental Child Abduction, 1% of abductors are willing to negotiate or be involved with mediation.
What follows below are messages from a victim parent to CARI asking for assistance, regarding their abducted child involving Singapore. It’s speaks for itself…………CARI hears this on a weekly basis regarding Central Authorities, we say no more!
“I should also add that the Singaporean Central Authority have emailed me after i wrote to them for about the 5th time and made an appointment for telephone conversation, which they did not keep, and have gone AWOL on me. I am very disappointed in the methods and lack of reaction of such state entities, who seem to exist more for reasons of self-job creation and to petition funds for their existence from the available funds of government Budgets, but seem to avoid spending those funds on anything except their own wages. “
“I myself have been very busy reviewing every article and sub article of the Hague Convention and its policies and have been communicating with the Thai and Singaporean Central Authorities
Thailand does not recognise Singapore’s accession as a Member state, and so International Parental Child Abduction is not able to be passed from the Thai Central Authority to the Singaporean or vice versa, despite them both being Member States. However they are in Breach of the treaty through Non-Compliance as laid out in the Treaty Rules, and i have said to Singaporean Central Authority that i am now reporting an abduction as a Father who was married in Singapore under Singaporean laws, and am making the claim as a domestic claim within Singaporean Borders instead of cross border, and that i am still a victim as the left behind parent under those rules.

I am doubtful of any positive result as the Singaporeans are very Uncooperative with other Central Authorities, and are not as civilised as they try to appear (Judicial Caning still being practiced, being a perfect example of their Barbaric Uncivilised Minds).

Anyway i am still desperately hoping to hear from CARI, in the meantime i am still trying to take as much action as is within my power to try to get some kind of reaction from the Central Authorities.”

“As to Singapore, they are one sided and will usually ignore the recommendations of The Hague and refuse to allow the child out of Singapore i believe.”

“I have been bantering with the Singaporean Central Authority too and have had to read much of the specifics of the Hague Convention and subsequent guidelines set out by the Hague, in order to banter with them because they also kept deferring me to take paid mediation or legal assistance and are evading any responsibility and are in total Non Compliance of the Hague official guidelines under Articles 7 and 8 amongst others.”
“they continue to refuse to comment and just replied with a mail saying “we understand this is a hard time for you we recommend the following mediation services”
You can imagine how frustrating that is. I have sent a mail to the Ministry of Foreign affairs in The Hague to report non compliance of a member state but i have little hope that they will not bounce the mail around with each authority or office saying they are not the delegated responsible office to complain to. You know how it is, this is why you are so busy and your services exist. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing for us parents who have nowhere else to turn too in order to ever see our children again. Thank you!”
As you all know CARI has dealt with Singapore’s very questionable laws in the past and been on the backhand of corruption and the governments controlled and censored media. There is a reason we have dubbed Singapore……little North Korea. Singapore will have the International community believe it is a wonderful, safe, and non-racist country……speak to anyone who knows the Singapore system and you will hear a whole different story, including many recorded cases of Human Rights violations and the hundreds of cases of Human Trafficking going on in the seedy red light areas, which is ignored by the government due to the money it brings in.The Singapore media (sorry we mean the Government), even think it’s a good idea to write articles about how it’s good to discipline and flog your children with a belt or cane at home when children don’t listen to parents.
CARI’s message to Singapore, you signed up to The Hague Convention to assist victim parents, so start doing what you should be doing under the Convention laws, or like many other countries who don’t comply should be doing – get the hell out of The Hague……

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