PRC – Project Rescue Children is live………

CARI is proud to announce our new, totally non profit organisation…….PRC – Project Rescue Children.

We are not and will not be a government organisation and we receive no government funding.

PRC Logo jepg 1

At Project Rescue Children, we are dedicated to rescuing children from Human Trafficking and sexual exploitation.
Where there are children in need, we’ll be there lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word.

One hundred percent of donations to PRC will be used directly to rescue innocent children and we will be giving followers and donators the chance to join in on a rescue, to see exactly where your donated money goes.

We are sick of all the talk, PRC is taking action directly to the pedophiles, traffickers and anyone else who thinks it’s ok to abuse innocent children.

Keep your eyes out for PRC, we have three major TV chanels fighting to follow PRC for documentaries….

Please share and help PRC spread it’s cause……saving children.

PRC will also be joining forces with No Longer Victims.

Follow PRC on facebook…..

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