‘Project Rescue Children’ is one step closer to going live……

CARI is very excited to kick off our official launch of our non-profit organization PRC. PRC’s new website is under construction and will be up and running soon.

We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes communicating with local None Government Organizations (NGO’s) in different hot spots around the world who deal with child prostitution. The feed back and support for PRC is wonderful. We can’t wait to get our feet dirty in an effort to help those innocent children around the world who are being sold for sex.

Not only will PRC be providing a specialist team to conduct rescues, we will also be giving our followers and donators the chance to follow our team and assist in rescues. It will also show you exactly where your donations are going and the difference your donation makes to these innocent children lives. You will experience the joy and emotions our operatives feel everytime we help a child. It is like nothing else……….


Mission and Vision:
PRC have a simple, but robust mission; We rescue kidnapped children from child prostitution and slavery. We are going directly after the route of the problem, the traffickers and pimps!

At PRC, we are dedicated to rescuing children from Human Trafficking and sexual exploitation. We will be working with government and non government organizations around the world, rescuing children from brothels, red light districts and any situation that innocent children are being sexual abused. PRC has already joined with numerous authorities to target Child Human Trafficking.

PRC will also be exposing any and every ‘dirty sex tourist’ that we come across.The demand is extremely high for young children becuase of the large numbers of usually western man travelling to these known hot spots, to buy a child for a few dollars.

PRC will be a non-profit organization with 100% of donations going direct to rescuing a child. As you can see on the attached map, this horrendous problem is out of control……

PRC will be relying on you to help save these children by sharing our cause to everyone you know and by making donations.

Now is your chance to help!

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