Welcome home Natasha

Say hello to Natasha…..

stuart 3 copyright

illegally abducted just over 2 years ago from Australia to Thailand. Vanishing as the abductor avoided the Thai and Australian Central Authorities. Australian courts had ordered the immediate return of Natasha, but this abductor like most others chose to ignore these requests. The Hague Convention again, has proven useless in Thailand. The Thai police were contacted after CARI found Natasha, but were not interested in helping the father or Australian authorities.

Natasha’s father Stuart has gone through an extremely difficult (to say the least) time over the last 2 plus years trying to return his daughter and to top it off; he was ripped off by Colin Chapman at Child Recovery Australia, who refuses to give this victim father his money back. Its ok Colin, we’ve cleaned up your mess…… again. You continue with your immature fb hate pages, while we keep returning children.

A lesson Stuart and other parents are learning the hard way, not to hire amateurs or people who talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk! Anyone who sub-contracts jobs to strangers in other countries saying they will help their clients in this profession is an amateur, full stop! All CARI’s recoveries have and are done by CARI……..

stuart 2 copyright

CARI eventually located Natasha in a small village being hidden with the help of the grandmother. Living in terrible conditions and undernourished Natasha needed to go home. Plans were put in place to allow Stuart access to his daughter after CARI negotiated visitation with the abductor. Stuart than safely and legally recovered his daughter along with a team from CARI.

Unfortunately this is another case of server PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome). Natasha has been completely brainwashed by her abductor, stating horrible things that clearly she has been trained to say. This abductor even went to the lengths of making a malicious police report about sexual abuse to Natasha against her father, to get a restraining order in Australia. CARI looked deeply into this before taking on the job and can confirm with our police contacts in Australia, that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support her claims and report. These are the lengths abductors will go to smear the good name of other parents to get what they want.

To our contacts in Thai immigration that assisted CARI again, thank you! To the New Zealand passport office, well done for doing your job in assisting Natasha getting home, thank you! Well done to the Australian authorities for continually pushing their counterparts in Thailand! To Amy part of the legal team in Thailand who assisted, great work!

Stuart, you are another inspirational parent who continued to get kicked in the stomach every time you turned a corner, but you NEVER ever gave up, instead you chose to stand up and continue fighting for your daughter…..Well Done to you. It was an absolute pleasure helping you reunite with your lovely daughter.
Other victim parents around the world in similar situations, NEVER EVER give up hope. It might take time, but your children are waiting and thinking of you…….

It was very clear after our team spent time with you both, Natasha remembers that special bond you once shared. Natasha and Stuart have a wonderful support group waiting to assist in Natasha’s rehabilitation into the life that was so suddenly ripped away from her.

We wish you both all the best and we know the loving bond you both once shared will return shortly.
Welcome home Natasha go enjoy your life as you should be doing, we will see you shortly…….

All the team @ CARI


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