Say hi to Olivia. Poland Child Abduction

(Update 2019: CARI Child Abduction Recovery International are the only ones who have and can recover illegally abducted children from Poland. We have countless happy parents, who had their children kidnapped to Poland, most who stay out of the media limelight. There is never a month that goes by we are not working in Poland. Olivia is doing extremely well back home in the UK with her loving family)

Flashback 2015: 

Say hello to Olivia…….who is currently sitting on a plane 30,000 miles high heading home…..


(Picture moments after Olivia was recovered legally by father and CARI)

Olivia was illegally abducted from the UK 2 years ago and taken to Poland. The Hague Convention had ordered the immediate return of Olivia, but like always the abductor decided to ignore the court’s ruling and go into hiding in Poland with the help of the grandparents (something different!!). Again, which is the norm in Poland, the authorities had no interest in looking or enforcing The Hague ruling leaving the father alone to search himself. This father has gone through like most victim parents, hell and back. When the father got close, the abductor ran and went into hiding in Germany thinking she was safe.

Well, she was until CARI got the green light and within 4 days CARI safely and legally recovered Olivia with her father.

Unfortunately like with most children we recover, there were immediate signs of PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome), within minutes innocent Olivia told her father, “Mummy said you’re a bad daddy”. This abductor had brainwashed little Olivia in order to break the amazing bond the father had with his daughter. You can see in these two pictures just how happy she was to see her father and even more happy to be going on a plane back home to her friends in the UK.

Matt you are nothing short of an inspirational father…..when people told you to give up trying to find your daughter and move on with your life, you got a pair of binoculars and walked foreign cities searching endlessly for months, not having any idea where your daughter was being hidden.


(Picture of our CEO with Olivia safely waiting for the UK Embassy to issue passport for Olivia)

This is a classic and all too common story of how the system does not work. Why have ‘The Hague Convention’ when NO ONE enforces the rulings, leaving these selfish abductors to roam around free thinking they are above the law. But hey, who are we, besides sounding like a broken record……….the truth is and what the governments and their funded charities don’t want you victim parents to know, is that the Hague Convention rulings (if you win) are not worth the paper it’s written on.

95% of our jobs in helping parents are to enforce the Hague Convention rulings 100% legally. There is a good reason why reputable law firms around the world advise their clients after they win The Hague, to contact CARI Child Abduction Recovery International for help as no one else will help you. If you have legal custody in the abducting country DO NOT WAIT FOR POLITICAL HELP. THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU!

Matt, the moment our team recovered your daughter we could see the special bond you both had and have. No time apart can take those special moments you both shared before Olivia was abducted.

This is CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International’s 4th abducted child recovered safely in April alone…..and we have a good idea it’s not our last for April! (Not all our recoveries get posted) CARI operatives often go immediately from one job to another without seeing our own families for weeks.

Welcome home princess from all the team at CARI…..


If you have any questions or concerns regarding International Parental Child Abduction feel free to contact CARI Child Abduction Recovery International 24/7. We are always available at or by calling our CEO Adam Whittington directly +46 707385598

We don’t just talk, we actually recover children!


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