CARI teams up with No Longer Victims

CARI is proud to announce we will be teaming up with ‘No Longer Victims’ and ‘Koi Global Consulting’.

Part of CARI’s role which we love doing, is to support all our parents and children on their return home. Watching the children being rehabilitated into a normal routine and society is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. This is another area governments are failing parents and in particular the children. Simply giving a phone number to government social services departments does not cut it with CARI, and to be honest is rubbish. They do nothing to help! Not one of our UK clients we have assisted has ever received any support on their return home, but he FCO will tell you otherwise…..


This is why we have been speaking with NLV for some time now about how both non-government organizations can make a difference and do what governments should be doing. Most of our clients and their innocent children will never experience such a traumatic experience in their lives and we want to provide any support which is needed for our clients and their children.

People unfamiliar with Parental Child Abduction will not know that the children abducted are often isolated, abused, and made to go on the run like a fugitive in order for the abductor to avoid authorities and……. CARI. No schooling, medical treatment or having not one single friend is also what they experience. Some children even have their identities changed and even their image, including a couple children CARI have recovered in the past, that were made to look like the opposite sex. All these things are nothing but Child Abuse and are done at the hands of a selfish parent.

CARI is very picky when it comes to who we team up with. There are just too many dodgy groups and organizations out there that can take advantage of or lead victim parents astray. Even government funded charities or organizations have their own agenda, which is driven by the government. We choose to give our clients the support they want and most importantly what they need.
NLV and Koi Global Consulting, has a wealth of experience dealing with many different types of abuse including, but not limited to Parental Alienation (PAS) and Human Trafficking, two areas CARI operatives deal with on a daily basis. NLV have been recognized by government bodies and many law enforcement departments around the world.

CARI’s network continues to grow on a weekly basis and we are very happy and proud to have joined with another very reputable organization that goes out of their way to support victims in many traumatic situations.

Please follow the links below and take a look at the wide range of experience and support NLV and Koi Global Consulting can provide. Please do not hesitate to make contact as they are here to support you and your children.


Services and Resources provided by NLV and Koi:

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