Fraud and Scams in Parental Child Abduction

If it’s not unthinkable enough to have your children abducted and go through a living nightmare, some parents than have to deal with complete and utter scum like this Peter Thomas Sensse.…/manhattan-u.s.-attorney-and-fbi-assist…

Some of you may be aware of Peter Thomas Sensse arrest last week and his bogus company ICARE Foundation, but we are posting this for all the parents out there who are not aware of him and others. He has even written a book (Chasing the storm)…….must be a thing with frauds and writting books….

These criminals prey on vulnerable parents promising to have their abducted children found and returned home to them. Once money is paid, they often tell victim parents they have been out to look for the abducted children when in fact they do not step foot out of their front door, than asking for more money. Two frauds in the UK even tell parents that they will get their children home for free, and they (the parent) only have to pay for expenses. It’s a scam!

Please follow the link or google Peter Sense arrest last week by the FBI in the US. Peter has been at this for years along with a couple of individuals doing the same thing in the UK. These individuals are the lowest of scum on the earth and need to be held accountable for the devastation they have and are causing vulnerable parents out there.

You get these scums in any field where there are vulnerable parents. Then there are the supporters of scum like Peter Sense, who after last week have made a run for it under their rocks to avoid any connection to this criminal.
Supporting criminals like Peter and passing vulnerable parents onto these predators through your somewhat dubious Facebook support groups, is shocking.


Parents need to be made aware of these groups out there who pass on or recommend parents to this scum.
Unfortunately, there are a number of amateurs out there telling parents they can do things that they simply have no experience or knowledge in doing. These amateurs and scum are all over social media in particular Facebook. Please be careful with what Facebook groups you join (parental child abduction pages are popping up every week) and take advise from, as we have a lot of evidence showing a number of these Facebook groups and individuals are all connected together and support each other. Asking each other to post glowing comments on their Facebook pages to lure parents is just one trick they are doing. These criminals and their supporters are also slandering the few reputable recovery organizations out there before recommending these frauds.

We ask any parent who has been a victim of Peter Sense or others doing the same shocking acts, to contact CARI who can put you in contact with the appropriate authorities.

CARI has had enough of clients coming to us after they have been taken advantage of by these criminals, who take large amounts of money from our clients. CARI than often has to clean up the mess these criminals/amateurs have caused.

We hope these criminals and their associates are all brought to justice and pay for the terrible crimes they are committing against parents.
click on links below………/11312066-brooklyn-man-charge…/

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