Wrongful Retention Abductions

Wrongful Retention……….

Abductors be it male or female make up lies to justify their actions, it’s a scary fact. CARI has heard every allegation in the book. Two of the most distressing allegations, which in 99.9% of cases have no grounds or evidence is the mother will accuse the father of molesting or abusing her and or the children, while the father often accuses the mother of being unfit with mental issues. 60% of cases CARI deals with are actually wrongful retentions, which is where one parent takes a child out of a country with the consent of the other parent, usually saying it’s for a holiday to see relatives, and then refuses to allow the child to return home to their habitual residence.

It’s a global problem in many ways… with most police services, and immigration worldwide that CARI has worked with not understanding parental child abduction resulting in the authorities turning a blind eye. When CARI works with law enforcement we ask them do they have any policies in place to deal with Parental Child Abduction and 90% of them say, “No”. They also have received no formal training on the handling of family child abduction cases. CARI sees this as a major concern and needs to be addressed. Even many Judges and courts around the world are not experienced in dealing with Parental Child Abduction resulting in wrong decisions being made or judges getting involved when they have no jurisdiction in an ongoing child abduction case.


Not much, if anything gets mentioned about ‘wrongful retention’ which is a major part of Parental Child Abduction. This is why CARI intends to continue raising public awareness along with our partners at Abducted Angels, for the sake of all the parentally abducted children out there separated from one parent by the other, and on behalf of the left behind parents still fighting for their children’s rights to a loving relationship with both parents. CARI’s world first documentary series will highlight wrongful retentions along with other problems victim parents face.

There are too many legal loopholes in the system in particular dealing with wrongful retentions and we hope governments will see the important work CARI has and continues doing so these legal loopholes will close down and also deem all wrongful retentions as the premeditated child abductions they are. Let’s also not forget the abductors families…………..anyone assisting in this crime, or harboring an abducted child ought to be held accountable, since in most cases CARI have seen the abduction wouldn’t succeed without their involvement. Authorities need to take a harder stance on these family members assisting abductors.
As above there are many issues which need fixing including but not limited to the numerous things wrong with border controls, and the governments who are clearly hiding the fact that they are neglecting these innocent children instead of governments protecting abducted children from this selfish crime.

The reality of family abduction is that it is child endangerment and abuse. CARI’s experience shows us that children abducted by family members are often forced into the nomadic, unstable lifestyle of a fugitive: they are taught to hide their real identities under a false name, and to avoid and distrust law enforcement and authority figures. Family abductors often deprive their children of education and medical attention to avoid being tracked down via school or medical records.

The general public unaffected by Parental Child Abduction or Alienation has no idea of the distress caused by this issue, or the massive implications this has on the innocent children, parents and extended family.

CARI will be playing a big part in bringing awareness for the sake of the children……..because in our eyes it’s all about the children, that’s why we do what we do……

For a free no obligations talk please contact CARI through our website or give us a call. We are here to help you and your children.


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