CARI in documentary series on Human Trafficking and Child Abduction

CARI is constantly contacted by media wishing to join CARI in our operations. CARI has chosen for a number of years to stay out of the media. Times change and so do we and because there is little to no attention being put on Parental Child Abduction and Child Human Trafficking, CARI has agreed to do a documentary series on these two horrific subjects.

We also know that many victim parents are being lead down the wrong path, by individuals and some government organizations who clearly only tell these victim parents what they want them to know. To us it’s a clear case of violating the parent and children’s human rights.

Having a child suffer because some have their heads up theirs or another’s backside is something CARI will never do or allow. We will continue to speak the truth and now show the truth to the world about the neglect for help that is happening to these innocent children. We are also very proud to be associated with Abducted Angels based in the UK who supports victim parents of child abduction around the world. They do an amazing job and it’s because of Abducted Angels that a number of children have been reunited with their parents.

CARI is proud to announce we will be working with 2 international production companies ‘Hard Hat’ and ‘NERD’, who will work side by side with CARI operatives in operations including Child Abduction and Child Human Trafficking. This will be the first of its kind in the world. What you will see is up close footage of our recoveries as if you were there with us.
CARI has already finished another documentary about Parental Child Abduction for a major UK TV channel, which will be aired shortly throughout the UK. We will keep you posted on that one also.

CARI has recently agreed to be part of this documentary series, as we believe there needs to be much more exposure to these two horrific crimes. Once this documentary is finished filming it will be shown on an international scale. We hope this will give the world an in depth look at what victim parents go through day in and day out for years, trying to be reunited with their children.

It will show the truth and many mountains they face including being let down time and time again by the system and governments, it will show parents who have been taken advantage of by fraudster promising to help only taking their money leaving them broke or in some cases bankrupt, it will show the horrible side of PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) and it will show a side to CARI no one besides our clients have ever seen. We dedicate ourselves to helping children get home……

There is a reason why we are constantly approached by the media to share our stories, because CARI is the leading child recovery organization in the world with a reputation second to none.

This video is a short promotional video for the documentary series we will be starting to film shortly. (There is an advertisement that pops up at the beginning but just click on the small cross to the top right of the advertisement to remove it)

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