Recovery from Tunisia…

As of 8am this morning one of CARI’s teams has successfully returned a 9 year old girl from Tunisia with the help of the Tunisian authorities. As a result of some idiots on fb, the mother has chosen to stay anonymous but wishes us to tell her horrible story so left behind parents can see never to give up hope.

Little Isabella was abducted by her father 3 years ago and taken firstly to Lebanon for 13 months to avoid authorities and then onto Tunisia. This abduction would be one of the worst PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) abuses CARI has come across. Isabella has been subject to a life of misery since being abducted and the worst of all was told time and time again her mother firstly never wanted to see her and then, that her mother had passed away with cancer.

For the last 11 months Isabella has come to live life knowing her mother was dead. CARI operatives have been working on this abduction for the last 14 months after the mother received zero help from her authorities. At the beginning CARI was lead on a wild goose chase always one step behind the abductor. 2 weeks ago CARI received a tip from our Tunisian contacts in immigration after the abductor crossed into Libya. After a week long operation Isabella was reunited with her mother and aunite.

2014-08-15 06.56.22

The moment when Isabella saw her mother, priceless! The first thing Isabella said to her mother, “I knew you were still alive mamma”. Mother, auntie and Isabella are safely back home with their family.

PAS – Parental Alienation Syndrome as in this shocking case has a serious effect on innocent children caught between their parent’s actions. No child should be subjected to this type of abuse. There are different extremes of PAS and CARI operatives have seen it all, but from our experience all levels of PAS is nothing but psychological child abuse.

To those individuals and authorities who assisted CARI, thank you! A little girl is now safe because of you.

Welcome home Isabella from all the team at CARI…….

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