The MYTH…..

It’s been brought to our attention a hundred times over, by victim parents that they are not being told all their options to have their abducted children returned LEGALLY and safely. Being told by government bodies, “if you want to see your child(ren) again, you have no option but to move to the abducting country”, is nothing short of rude and disrespectful.

The UK government and its government funded charities will have all victim parents believe that the only way to have their children returned legally and safely is through the system.

99.9% of CARI’s assignments are due to the system failing parents. The most common example being, when a victim parent has fought long and hard through the courts in Hague Convention countries and their child(ren) are ordered to be returned, but the abductor decides to goes on the run. It’s a fact and anyone telling you something different is having a laugh!


This is where the system fails parents who set their hopes having their children immediately returned with a Hague return order. NO ONE enforces the court’s rulings. This is where CARI can help LEGALLY. There is a reason why reputable and experienced law firms contact CARI for assistance, after they have carried out all possible legal routes available to the parent.

Once a ruling has been made parents need to act quickly to try and enforce the return order. Abductors know that it is very easy to just disappear and ignore the order as no authority will be bothered to enforce the court’s ruling. 11 of CARI’s 13 current cases are just like that!
So what does a victim parent do? What options do they have? Their lawyers can’t do anything, most governments and embassies will struggle to lift a finger, and the local authorities only see it as a family issue and not a crime.

A perfect example of how CARI works side by side with authorities is in the case of little Amani Khansia, abducted and retained from his UK mother in Turkey. After a long drawn out expensive court battle, Anisa Khansia won The Hague Convention ruling in the High Courts of Turkey who gave the father 7 days to return the boy to his mother in the UK. The father went on the run hiding for a number of years. The father was hiding in a number different locations in his local village knowing no authorities would come for him.

CARI was contacted by Abducted Angels in the UK, to ask if we could assist little Amani returning home. Once CARI accepted to help, the British Embassy in Istanbul was informed and requested a meeting with CARI operatives. The British consular asked CARI if they could assist and work together in returning Amani, to which CARI agreed. CARI worked side by side with the British Embassy in Istanbul, Akinci Law firm in Istanbul, the Supreme Court Judge who made The Hague Convention return order, the Governor’s office in Gaziantep and a special police unit from Gaziantep. CARI had tracked and located little Amani and with the presence of the special police unit CARI safely and LEGALLY recovered little Amani, while the police arrested the father for failing to comply with the court ruling. Police then escorted Anisa, Amani and CARI operatives to a safe location before CARI continued assisting them safely back to the UK.

As there was travel banns on little Amani preventing him from leaving Turkey, placed on by the father, CARI contacted the British Embassy who in turn made direct contact with the Supreme Court Judge who got the travel bans removed within 24 hrs, allowing CARI to escort both Amani and his mother home to the UK. This is one of many examples where CARI work side by side with governments and authorities to ensure court rulings are enforced.

Some people who have no idea, like to tag this as a re-abduction. How on earth is this a ‘re-abduction’ when the law has assisted in the recovery of the child. Many of our clients in this position even have orders by the High Courts, to collect their children by using reasonable force. This order also applies to any power of attorney the victim parents select, meaning usually CARI operatives having the legal right to collect the child. We however, do not pick up the abducted children; we always have our clients with us who pick up their own children.

There are unfortunately people out there in little groups usually on FB, who give victim parents false and misleading information. It’s sad, but that’s the reality in this world of social media.
The above also applies to non-Hague Convention countries, where the victim parent has a return order from the home country and a return order or custody order in the country that the child has been abducted to. This is no different.

CARI works 100% legally in non-Hague countries. We find in these non-Hauge countries, when CARI operatives are on the ground and met with local authorities showing all legal court documents, the local authorities are more than happy to assist. If we never approached the authorities in these non-Hague countries, they would do nothing to assist victim parents. Sometimes they need a little push or motivation to help, and that’s were CARI can also help with our contacts.

The reality is some government bodies should start providing victim parents with the truth about their options in having their abducted children returned legally.

The point we are trying to make is that there is a massive problem in the system, government bodies know this but will never recognize or accept it. CARI will continue to enforce court rulings with the assistance of our contacts and government authorities in Hague and non-Hague countries.

We have to, no one else does or will!

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