Parental Child Abduction Mexico-Peru & Human Trafficking in Thailand

It’s been a long 10 days for our Human Trafficking team and recovery teams.

Firstly we would like to welcome home little 4 year old Sergio, abducted from Mexico into Peru by his father. CARI has seen some horrendous conditions children live in, but this one is up the top. CARI has been working on this case now for 9 months but as of Tuesday 27th, CARI operatives along with the local Peru police, safely recovered Sergio who is now with his lovely mother. Thank you to the Peru Police who kindly assisted and went out of their way to make CARI feel welcome.

Sergio’s mother allowed us to post this, but wishes to stay anonymous.

Welcome home little man from all the team at CARI……

Our Human Trafficking team, which we mentioned in our previous post initially, went out to a village in the North of Thailand to rescue 2 children who were identified as underage sex prostitutes who had been trafficked.

CARI operatives set up another undercover sting with local village police to apprehend the criminals involved. Well, we are very happy to say as of Monday 26th both girls were safely rescued out of their nightmare situation and handed to a local NGO who specializes in child trafficking, to help rehabilitate them. As there is an ongoing investigation we can’t mention too many details or post pictures of the girls. We can tell you the individuals involved with this horrific crime have been arrested and we hope they are punished to the fullest. CARI has handed all evidence to the authorities to assist in the prosecution.


During this operation CARI operatives received new information on a location 70 miles away about another child sexual abuse situation. So what did our guys do?……..they drove the 70 miles to check out what was going on. This picture attached looks like a normal little village house, but after CARI operatives spent 2 days of covert surveillance on that house the truth was revealed.

2015-01-29 15.48.22

 The green and purple houses are owned by the same person. There are 3 families living in the purple house. Sounds all normal doesn’t it…………..well what if we told you after our surveillance and informants information, CARI has exposed a child sex abuse haven, happening in that green house. After we gathered our evidence from our covert surveillance, we approached the local police commissioner with the evidence (again we can’t show this yet due to ongoing investigation) CARI assisted the police in raiding the houses.

What we found was that the green house was set up to be solely used as a sex dungeon for underage children to be abused, now here is the trick, ‘not physically’ but online to western man sitting on their computers thousands of miles away. Underage children were taken to this house by parents in the village and surrounding villages, who ‘got paid’ to let their own children be naked and do sexual activities on a number of webcams at the instructions of the pedophile sitting on his computer in other countries. Numerous arrests were made on location including 2 parents paid to allow their children to be a piece of meat….if we tell you the age range of children being abused at this location you would be sick.

This we are afraid is the new way children are being exploited. These financially poor parents seem to think its ok to exploit their children like this as there is no actual physical touching!!!

We are happy to say both houses have been seized by the local authorities.
We don’t get shocked by much now, but this definitely shocked a couple of our operatives……

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