CARI’s human trafficking team target new location

CARI’s Human Trafficking team has just landed in an undisclosed location after receiving a tip from a charity organization 2 weeks ago who are also fighting child trafficking. Two underage girls believed to be between 11 and 14 years old, have been identified as victims of sex trafficking.

CARI is inundated with requests to assist in rescuing children. With CARI’s already stretched resources recovering abducted children around the world, CARI is looking to expand again in the near future.

About 2 million children are exploited every year in the global commercial sex trade. (UN figures)


“They forced me to sleep with as many as 50 customers a day. I had to give [the pimp] all my money. If I did not [earn a set amount] they punished me by removing my clothes and beating me with a stick until I fainted, electrocuting me, cutting me.”
-Kolab, sex trafficking survivor from Cambodia

All CARI’s rescues in Human Trafficking are carried out at the expense of CARI as we offer our professional services for free, to charities and local governments who are also committed in combating Human Trafficking, in particular child sex labor in corrupt countries. Not only do CARI and our partners have to deal with the traffickers and children, but in some parts of the world we have to deal with corrupt authorities who seem to turn a blind eye to the local problem they have.

CARI is now working very closely with a number of charity organizations in certain hotspots, in an attempt to help give back these innocent children’s lives.

Dirty, sick men create the demand, children are the supply! Unfortunately for many innocent children and their families around the world, demand will never stop……………
Well, CARI and our partners will not stop either!

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