Egyptian Recovery

Say hello to Mahmud, abducted almost 3 years ago, and taken to Egypt by the father. After the Egyptian courts ordered Mahmud be returned to his mother, the father has been on the run.
egypt 2

No school, no friends, and completely isolated, Mahmud has had a very difficult time moving from one squalor to another.

CARI has played a cat and mouse game until this week, where our operatives identified the boys’ location. With the help of the Egyptian Police and CARI’s contacts, a covert operation was put together this week with CARI operatives leading the way. The first words spoken after being recovered, when Mahmud saw his mother was, “mumma” (in English). Children never forget!

Mahmud was safely recovered on Tuesday 6th, and is now safely out of Egypt and back home with his mother and the rest of his family.

This was a team effort, with everyone who assisted doing an amazing job. Well done!

We are told Mahmud felt like a movie star, due to all the attention he received during the recovery……..You are a star little man!

Welcome home Mahmud, from all the team @ CARI

(Posted at request of mother)

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