CARI rescue – short documentary aired on BBC 1

International Parental Child Abduction is a major worldwide problem and will only get worse. Gordon Carr’s child was abducted from the UK and dumpt in Laos before the mother took off to the US. Gordon won a UK return order, which ordered his son to be returned. Unfortunately Laos, is a very corrupt country, not part of the Hague Convention, so Gordon had no chance to get any assistance in Laos. His own translater in Laos took advantage of Gordon financially.

Gordon paid a recovery agency £10,000 and was let down before contacting Abducted Angels a non profit charity based in the UK who helps victim parents. Abducted Angels put Gordon in concact with CARI who felt obliged to help Gordon’s young son, from a life of misery and return him to the UK.

This is a short documentary made for BBC 1 UK, of Gordon Carr’s nightmare from hell, which includes part of an exclusive video of CARI’s extraction of the abducted child.

Young Moregan Carr is doing wonderful back in the UK and has just spent his first Christmas home since being abducted.


Moregan enjoying life back in the UK…….


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