Welcome home Inga………….

Say hello to 6 year old, Inga!
(Ok, we have to work on the thumbs up Inga……)

Inga was safely recovered today in Estonia close to the Russian border by CARI. It’s been a long difficult recovery, but well worth the wait to see her reunited with her mother. Abducted July 2011, from Kazakhstan, and disappearing off the grid, CARI operatives traced Inga to Estonia with the assistance from authorities, who have done a wonderful job.

Lets just say, Inga has lived a horrible nightmare since 2011.

We are just happy she is now safe, and with someone who loves and cares for her. Since the moment we recovered Inga, she has not stopped smilling, but maybe that’s because she was laughing at our English accents…….

Enjoy your Christmas princess, from all the team at CARI.


This is CARI’s 5th child we have recovered in December from Tunisia, Uzbekistan and now Estonia.

We have kept our heads down and worked around the clock to get these 5 wonderful kids home before Christmas, and will now enjoy Christmas with our families, before taking off again.

To everyone who has supported CARI in 2014, we thank you, and we wish you all a wonderful Christmas and safe 2015………..

To those parents who have children abducted, hang in there, and stay strong for your children, who will be waiting for you…..
International Parental Child Abduction is abuse.

(Posted at mothers request)

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