M&M Recovered from Uzbekistan

CARI would like to welcome home two little sisters (Marta and Margareta or M&M as CARI operatives have dubbed them) who were abducted by their mother to Uzbekistan in 2011. Frustrated with the system and social services that again prove the papers issued in favor of the father are not worth the paper their written on.Abductor receives notices of orders, then runs away and hides with the innocent children. This abductor has moved around from 6 different locations in the last 2 years to avoid local authorities. Oh and how did she know authorities were coming?

It’s called corruption………and when these abductors have money they quickly pay off local police etc, to tip them off on any activities. This is the most common tactic abductors use in many countries where corruption thrives, leaving victim parents frustrated and hopeless in their search for their children.

It’s very sad time and time again, CARI hears the victim parents story of no support (in particular father victims), the system sucks, being told and made to believe that the system will get his children home, having certain preachers of the system in his ear for a long time brainwashing him that the system is the only way to have his girls returned.

Well it has taken 3 years for this father to try and get his girls back through the system with no luck and 2 months for CARI to recover them safely home legally.

When are these preachers going to stop putting false hope in the minds of victim parents?

untitledCARI has safely recovered M&M with their dad and authorities.
Welcome home girls enjoy your first Christmas with your dad and family from all the team at CARI.

CARI is currently on location in two other countries for child abduction cases, and we are aiming to get those children home before Christmas……..fingers crossed……


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