CARI hit the Phillipines

CARI team on way home from the Phillipines, after rescuing in cooperation with local police 3 young children aged 8,13,13 from child prostitution. Due to the storm that just hit the Phillipines, when our team first arrived the operation was held up longer then what we expected.

As of 01:00 this morning our operation was concluded and instead of the youngest child who we had under observation we also encounted the other two 13 year old girls who we rescued also. These children have seen and done things no adult should see or go through let alone a young innocent child. This is a horrific crime that must be dealt with head on!

It sickens our operatives to see first hand what is going on, but it is the most rewarding experience in life to save these children.

All 3 children are now in safe hands with authorities and will be placed in rehabilitation centres where they will get the appropriate and qualified care needed. 1 of the 2 traffickers and 1 parent of one of the children has been arrested and dealt with by the police. CARI has provided all our video evidence to the police to assist them in their case.

The accused have been using these 3 children for over 7 months, including making them participate in child pornography videos and live webcam sites.


For some strange reason one parent of one of the children seems to think it is ok for their child to be shown over the internet or webcam doing things to herself alone. This seems to be a growing problem also due to poverty. Parents allowing their young children to be filmed alone naked and because no one is physically touching their child it’s ok to get money from gangs who pay parents to use these children for pedophiles sitting in a room overseas watching and instructing the child from thousands of miles away.

Due to privacy and security reason we can not post any images of these children and/or of the operation due to the ongoing legal case against those involved.

Our team has already recieved their next location………….

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