CARI will not sit still………….

A team from CARI has just set off tonight to an undisclosed location to assist local and international authorities to rescue some children we have recently identified as being underage who are being used as sex slaves. We believe the youngest we are going to aim to rescue is 9 years old.

CARI operatives have had these children under close surveillance recently and have now called in the local authorities to assist in the arrest of the pimps/traffickers involved who are selling these innocent children.

Our aim is to rescue these children, assist in the arrest of those responsible and help place the children with local charities who are like minded in the fight against Child Trafficking and who will get these children the appropriate care needed for their rehabilitation.


All of CARI’s Human Trafficking against children operations will be conducted on a voluntary basis, offering our experience and professional services for free, along with local non-profit organizations.

This goes along with CARI’s exciting news, which we will soon announce……….

CARI cannot and will not stop Child Sex Trafficking, which is a global horrendous crime, but we will not sit and do nothing……..

Good luck to our guys and girl………..

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