Lets Meet…..

Early December CARI will have operatives and a couple of our directors in the UK for scheduled meetings before they leave on an assignment. At the request of a number of victim parents we will be opening our schedule to include meetings with victim parents who just want to chat about their situation and who want to know the truth about how they can get their children home.

These will be one on one meetings with our experienced operatives who will give you the truth about all your options regarding the return of your children.


We will also provide you with contacts of legal representatives who are experienced in Parental Child Abduction cases. It is very important you have an experienced legal representative behind you from the start to guide you in the right direction.

Not knowing or being miss informed about all options and legal requirements is the hardest thing for victim parents and the number one complaint we hear about from parents who contact CARI for the first time. 90% of our clients have in the past been miss informed about their options. At these one on one sit downs we hope to clear your mind on any doubts you have about absolutely anything to do with International Parental Child Abduction.

This is also a chance to sit down and meet our operatives who are looking forward to meeting you.

CARI has noticed a need for these types of one on one casual get together so we will be continuing this in other countries shortly with Australia and Canada being next.

To book a date and time please email CARI at info@childabbductionrecovery.com


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  1. Cyntha says:

    What you are doing is wonderful. True heros for these little ones. It’s also great to see someone who actually cares to give us parents the correct information as this is like a living hell and the bloody uk government do absolutely nothing to help us.

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