4th Abducted Child returned home in November

While the smear campaign created by Martin Waage (ABP World Group), Andrew Laws and Donya Alnahi continues, CARI just keeps bringing abducted children home 😉 😉

Now, we don’t usually serial post, but we are so happy and with the father’s permission…..

As of 3pm today CARI operatives have recovered another beautiful little girl home to Spain from the Czech Republic making this our 4th child returned in November.


We know there is a very big welcome home party going on right now and you all deserve every minute of it!

Taken out on a shopping day 3 years ago and not returning, this victim father has seen and done it all to try and get his daughter home without success. He has not seen his girl since the shopping day. He had to file for bankruptcy as a result of 3 years of legal fees so CARI felt obligated to help when he told us his story…….so we did………for FREE!

We won’t say too much more as we know you want to move on as quickly as possible from your horrendous ordeal, but from all the team at CARI we would like to say it was a pleasure and welcome home little princess. Congrats on the new job offer also 😉

Have an amazing Christmas. Your present is on the way little one 😉


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