12 months on and doing great!

Just over 12 months ago a team from CARI was asked to help a UK mother who was desperate to get her little boy home after he was illegally retained and held in Turkey. The mother fought long and hard through the courts and eventually won a Hague ruling in Turkey for the return of her son to the UK. The Judge gave the father 7 days to return the child, 18 months later with her son still on the run close to the Syrian border and help from no one, CARI agreed to help. A classic case, like so many others CARI deals with, where the Hague Convention does not and will not be enforced.
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Through Abducted Angels Charity in the UK the mother was put in touch with CARI. At the request of the British Embassy in Istanbul CARI was asked to attend the British Embassy for a meeting with the UK Consular on how they could assist CARI in the recovery of the child. At the conclusion of a very positive meeting it was determined that CARI operatives would work side by side with the British Consular, Gaziantep Governor’s office, a high court Judge in Ankara, Akinci law firm (K, you are a star and we love working with you!) and a specialist police unit.

Little Amani Khansia was recovered by CARI operatives with the assistance of the police and governor’s office in Gaziantep, Turkey in a very successful operation.

Move the clock forward 12 months and little Amani is doing absolutely amazing and loving every day of his new life with his mother and family in the UK. A little football star in the making!!!
A positive and negative to come out of this sad story……..

A big compliment should go to the British Embassy in Istanbul, who even after receiving a letter from their slack colleagues in the London office requesting them not to assist in any recovery, stood their ground and did what was the correct thing to do, HELP in all legal ways possible!! This British Embassy in Istanbul is the only UK Embassy in our 14 years’ experience dealing with abducted children who went over and above their duty to assist this UK child. Other UK Embassy staff around the world should take note of this instead of listening to a couple of the civil servants in the London office who have shown time and time again they have no interest in helping UK parents (just speak to any UK parent who has dealt with the London office). If Nicole from the Istanbul Embassy was to be made head of the FCO unit in London there would be many more UK children returning. That’s a fact. To our good friends at Gazientep Police and Turkish immigration it was a pleasure like always. Great job guys!

There needs to be an enquiry into the neglect of duties by these staff in the London office who seem only interested in making it difficult for parents to get their children home and contacting the media to down grade CARI. If they spent the same amount of time trying to help UK children compared to finding out about CARI and employing their behind the scenes school yard bully tactics ‘trying’ to make things difficult for some of our recoveries, then there would be a lot more UK children being returned home through the enforcement of Hague Convention rulings. Other country’s Embassies go out of their way to assist CARI and their citizen’s getting home. We put it down to just a couple of individuals who are the thorn in parent’s thigh.

We won’t mention too many of the details yet in the recovery of a 14 year old boy where the FCO instructed UK Border Force officers in Calais to interrogate this boy at 3am refusing to let him have an appropriate adult or lawyer present. CARI was lucky enough to have journalists from a UK newspaper present to witness first-hand what is going on and see the devastation coursed by Border Force officers to the boy. To see the boy sitting looking through the window in the interview door crying in desperation for someone to help him, will live with us for a long time to come. We look forward to the news article.
The truth is there are a couple of civil servants at the FCO who do not like the truth getting out there.

Amani’s mother should be an inspiration for all other victim parents to never give up! She went through hell and back including having to deal with a few UK individuals who did and are still harassing, abusing and slandering this mother all because this mother spoke out about the truth of being conned out of £10,000 by a female in the UK who said she would get her son home.

CARI works in many countries around the world and we have to be honest the UK Child Abduction scene is like no other. In other countries everybody assists and supports each other but not in the UK where everyone seems to want to make a name for themselves and throw garbage on one another.

There are individuals who attack parents for no reason opening fake Facebook pages and profiles to slander this mother and others including CARI in an attempt to cause damage to peoples reputation. There is so much rubbish going on behind the scenes of Child Abduction in the UK with people attacking others including charities who try and help parents, it is sickening. It’s the same group of individuals who are amusing themselves with a smear campaign against CARI (we guess when you’re on top of your field your competitors will do anything to try and take you down).

We will not mention names of those involved at the moment as we are not the type of guys to get involved in such childish behavior and we will not lower to their level, but if it continues we will expose every single name and company who is behind the smear campaign on our social media with facts and evidence.

In the pictures; Mother and son leaving Turkey for the last time………Little Amani loving the chocolate mouse on his first day with his mum……and our friends at Police immigration wanting to get into a picture as they were very proud to of been able to assist little Amani get home….

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