Exciting News

As we mentioned in our last blog post we have some very exciting news we have been working on for abducted children and their parents…..We are happy to announce one of those ideas….

We understand one of the biggest battles parents are faced with is lack of finance due to years of legal fees, travel expenses, accomodation, recoveries and so on. So we approached one airline with an idea to help these parents in some way and the response we received was very positive.


For the last 10 months CARI has been in talks with now 3 different airlines about offering subsidised or free tickets for all CARI’s clients and their children.

We are happy to announce that from now on all our clients and their children will either recieve a very large discount or free one way tickets from these airlines to get home.
Now……CARI took it one step further, if you fly with one of the airlines that offer a discount, CARI will pay the discounted ticket for our client and children.

That means all CARI’s clients from now on will be flying home with their children for free which is one less thing our clients don’t need to worry about!!!!

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