Singapore and the truth! Prison for no stamp in passports.

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WOW! CARI operatives are what you call ‘Dinosaurs’ when it comes to all this social media and frankly there is so much rubbish on things like Facebook, we rather spend our time actually being out there in the field, but saying that we understand especially in our field there are so many parents out there who don’t realize that there is actually an organization that really does care about helping them reunite with their abducted or kidnapped children.

This is going to be a long one so we apologies now, but there are facts that need to be told. If you don’t like reading, turn away now.

CARI logo 10 sept 2013

We say WOW! Because to receive and read messages from all our clients present and passed, friends, family, old work buddies, charities, lawyers and staff in 5 different embassies from 4 different nationalities is very heartwarming and truly overwhelming. Over the last few months CARI’s schedule for all our 12 operatives (and our apprentice), has meant we have had little time to post things. CARI spends more time of the year away from their own children to give victim parents and their children a chance to be reunited. To find our inbox in both our email and FB accounts are inundated with the most wonderful messages of support in relation to one of our jobs recently in Singapore. We apologies to all those who emailed over the last couple of months and got no reply. All our operatives have been out on jobs and only one of our managing directors had the login details at the time. That has now been rectified 😉 Dinosaurs see!

We know many have been asking about our operatives after seeing the media reports. We can tell you now both our operatives are safe and home with their families. Those who know us personally know we do not do this job to be in the media or to receive support and any of our clients we have helped over our now 14 years will vouch for this. We have chosen to stay out the media lime light all these years (the Singapore media being a prime example we chose to stay underground) but now, as we have mentioned before, parents need to know there is someone out there who will help. We do this job simply to give all those innocent children out there in the world regardless of their race who are forgotten or ignored by their governments (we call them the ‘Forgotten Children’) a chance to get home.

We never divulge any details of any of our recoveries but with all the fictional talk flying around about the below case, the truth needs to be laid out.

Singapore and the truth: Having been in court over a hundred times for those ex-police operatives we have on our team, the only way to describe the police prosecutors actions in Singapore is, ‘A Circus’. You manipulated and changed key facts in the case like you changed your underwear, knowing all too well there was no legal counsel up against you. When CARI operatives spoke to you in court to question your somewhat mysterious injury charges against the abductors (who have ignored UK court rulings for many months now), your comment was, “Too late sorry you pleaded guilty”. You see the TRUTH is there were no injuries caused to either grandparent. Any person who knows our operative would know what type of person he is and would never assualt anyone let alone a couple of elderly people. The grandparents attacked the mother the moment they saw her with punches to the face and head and pulling of her hair. CARI’s operative who was present did nothing more then put himself between the two who were assaulting the mother. This operative while defending the mother and child told the mother to leave as he hold of the grandfather’s right arm and held him in a ‘wrist lock’ to stop him throwing wild punches. At this time the client left safely with her baby in her arms, the first time in over 12 months. CARI operatives do not pick up the children; we are there to assist our clients so they can pick up their own children. As the mother left the grandmother jumped at our operatives left leg and wrapped herself around his leg like a snake while she punched into his thigh continuously. No one in their right mind would stand there in that position and let two people assualt you without protecting yourself.

The only way to stop her punches and to release her grip without wanting or trying to cause any injuries or hurt her, was to use two fingers and apply a simple pressure point technique (taught to police forces as a none injury technique) on the grandmothers left shoulder’ (not neck). It took 2-3 seconds and she released her grip and stopped punching at which time our operative left. While trying to restrain both grandparents our operative was the only person to receive any injuries whatsoever all of which were documented by the Investigating officers as proof. In any non-communist country, this is simply called self-defense. With this particular prosecutor it’s called, I will charge these white foreigner with anything and everything including – ‘Restriction of the grandfathers movement’ and ‘causing injury to the grandmother’. No medical records were produced or shown to the court of any injuries to the grandparents. We can assure you now they would have to be two of the most ridiculous charges any of us has heard of. The amount of times the prosecutor changed the charges was mind-boggling clearly showing her experience was not the best. Now you’re probably saying, we are talking rubbish and lying and it’s our word against theirs as to what actually happened, well your wrong.

You see every assignment all our operatives are equipped on their person with ‘Go Pro’ video camera, to protect us from any false allegations that may be made.

Now, take a guess as to what piece of property was kept at the instructions of the prosecutor? Yes, the video recording which captured the whole recovery and clearly shows the exact events explained above! When pointing out it was simply self-defense and that the abductors should be charged with 2 counts of assault (based on evidence only) the reply we got was, “Yes, we will deal with them when you’re in your country”. Says it all really……..

So why did our operatives then plead guilty? The only reason was because they were told to fight the ridiculous charges we would spend many months in custody. We just did what was needed to be done to get home to our own families as quick as possible and if that meant pleading guilty, then that’s what they had to do and as a result one operative spend 6 weeks and the other 10 weeks exercising and listening to the screams of inmates getting flogged with the Cane during the day, courtesy of the Singapore government. Human rights….yeh right! (CARI in the near future will be posting about daily life in a Singapore prison).

Now to steer this post in another direction to give you more of a bigger picture of what was happing in Singapore, CARI operatives were asked if they could assist with Singapore’s National Security. Due to our operatives slipping easily past Singapore’s borders, recover a baby without being detected, as you can imagine a number of heads where rolling up in high positions. We were even told by police, if we comply and assist with their national security we would get a lower sentence. Singapore is all about IMAGE, they do not like bad publicity and or being embarrassed, which CARI clearly did. Spend more than a week in Singapore and count how many times you see any negative media articles on the news or in newspapers…… will count ZERO. The government censors every single article that the Singapore media writes making sure of nothing bad or negative getting out. This is why there was not one mention of Singapore’s Assistant Police Commissioner Mr. Chee Pheng Lim’s involvement, or the grandparents assault or the evidence of the our video in any articles…………it’s called a cover up.

We will not go into any more details except, you have NO morals Mr. Lim and you know exactly what we mean! Why do you think the Singaporean media was so heavily interested and left out many facts in an attempt to make the Singapore government keep their face and make CARI look bad! Well done…

CARI with the help of our contacts have been looking into the events before and during this recovery and from information given to us by the Singapore authorities’ information, which was withheld from CARI until now. It is 100% clear that CARI was lied to about important information and facts, which dictated certain decisions being made for the assignment which go against CARI’s strict policies. To operate freely and safely CARI needs to be told of facts and unfortunately this was not the case before entering Singapore. As acting Superintendent Alvin told us, “There was no way for you guys to know, but we are confident if you did you would not have accepted this job”. Superintendent Alvin also said, “The grandparents were tipped off and knew the mother was coming to Singapore with CARI”. Very interestingly the client received two separate phone calls from the UK when she was with her baby in Singapore just after the recovery; both calls within 5 minutes of each other. Then hours later the police knocked on the door!!!!………………We now know exactly who set CARI up!

We will not comment any further at this time on the custody case as it’s ongoing.

On a separate note all together…. it has been made aware to CARI by a number of sources that over the last two months two individual competitors have joined together and started a Facebook smear campaign against CARI, using our Singapore case to kick off a launch of slanderous attacks on a number of FB pages they have created. Fortunately for these two we will not lower ourselves to your standards, but knowing who you are we are not surprised in the slightest at your immature actions. What we will say, as we are not the type of company or people who slander our competitors over social media, we will not respond to any of your comments or posts. It is very clear to anyone reading the slander your writing what type of individuals you both are. Remember this, “The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business and the life of others better all the time”.

Finally on a positive note, to all those individuals, officers at Singapore’s SIS & CID units, ASP Alvin and Chris, the officers at Changi and AWP and to those in the lower freezing dungeons of the ICA Immigration building (we know many of you are now following us and will be reading this). To the Australian Embassy staff in Singapore Michelle and Craig……


All these officers showed SO much respect to both CARI’s operatives and you will never be forgotten for how you treated us when in your presence. The amount of times we had someone pull us aside shaking our hand saying, “Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing, I respect everything you do for those children”, was truly the most amazing thing we personally will take away from this experience. One officer and I know your reading this, you made me promise you something……..’Never to stop helping children’……..I along with all our operatives will keep my word on my answer I gave you.

You have touched our hearts with everything you all did, going out of your way doing things you do with no others.…………….. THANK YOU!

Getting back to business a lot has happened over the last few months with some exciting news we will announce shortly on some topics CARI has been working on with others and one very special bit of news we have been working on alone….keep you posted! To those who got no reply after emailing us recently due to an overload of emails, please resend your messages.

Before you close your eyes and go to sleep….. Again to all our followers and supporters a MASSIVE THANKS from all the team at CARI!

There is a reason many authorities around the world choose to work side by side with CARI……

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  1. Angela Jane says:

    Keep up the good work, the kids need you. Never thought any of the negetives were true x

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