Little Crystal doing great after being recovered in January….


Part of CARI’s Service we provide all our clients is after care once we have recovered their child(ren).
We always stop by and see how the child(ren) are doing give them a present and see if their parent need anything we can assist with.One recovery back in January 2014 of beautiful little Crystal in the Craig Michael case always stands out personally due to the suffering and unspeakable actions she had to endure by the abducting mother and her known registered pedophile boyfriend in Poland.

After both countries ordered the immediate return of Crystal, which was the first of its kind the mother went on the run as she knew Polish authorities would not bother looking for her. After 2 years of supposedly searching by one court official in Poland CARI found Crystal in 10.5 hours. It took another 12 frustrating days to recover her safely along with assistance by lawyers and wonderful staff at the Cyprus Embassy in a couple of countries who went out there way to make sure Crystal and her father were back into Cyprus. Well done guys more should follow your actions.

The judges in Poland carried out their job in line with the Hague Convention which is a landmark decision in Poland being the first time this has been done….Well done….

Very sade any child has to suffer as Crystal did. After further examination of little Crystal, the mother along with her pedophile boyfriend are now wanted by Cyprus police in relation to child molestation. The mother is also still wanted for charges of abduction by Interpol and Cyprus police.

After a recent visit to see how Crysyal is doing we are very happy to say she is a wonderful, talented swimmer, smart little girl who is very very happy for the life she now has reunited with her awesome big sister after all that time apart. Her English went from zero to 100 in weeks with the help of her big sister. Well done to Crystals father for never giving up his extremely difficult fight to save his daughter.

A little happy picture below after a fun swim of Crystal on the left and her big sister with our operative “uncle Adam” who rescued Crystal in Poland.

2014-08-03 17.26.34

She even remembered the thumbs up. See Crystals recovery on CARI’s facebook page in January….



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