Child Trafficking victim rescued….

If you think that the movie ‘Taken’ only happens in Hollywood, think again. CARI has been working on a confidential and somewhat difficult rescue operation for almost 7 months now.

As of 2am this morning CARI has successfully recovered a 17 year old girl who was abducted and sold on the black market 3 years ago. We can not go into details about the girl as the family wish to stay anonymous, but we can tell you CARI’s efforts in our none stop persistance to locate and rescue this girl has pushed us to our best.




This girl, lets call her Lucky was moved and sold 2 times and taken to 2 different countries, since she was first taken from her home country. She has been subject to drugs, beatings and made to work as a prositute for her abductors making them money. Unfortunately she is now addicted to serious drugs and will need treatment to get clean. CARI operatives have had to infiltrate a couple of different organised gangs in order to locate Lucky, risking our own lives. It has taken time and patients but we did it.

Lucky’s family is in disbelief to get their lovely daughter home and alive, but they have a long time before Lucky is back to normal, if ever mentally.

Due to the nature of this operation, CARI has now passed on all the details of this organised gang to the authorities who hopefully will deal with them.

Child trafficking is a serious problem with thousands of children out there needing help to be rescued, but the sade reality is no one hears about it except in small articles like the one attached.

Trafficking of children (anything from age 5 to teens) across the world is increasing sharply. In most cases the children would be lured away from poverty-stricken parents who would release children to traffickers believing that they were to go for education opportunities and that jobs awaited them.

The truth is that these children will be beaten, raped and even forced into an addiction to drugs before being put to work as prostitutes for the pleasure of paedophiles and so-called “sex tourists”. With nowhere to turn, they literally become slaves who are often imprisoned in the suburbs of cities and held at the whim of the trafficker.

To all of our contacts who assisted in this rescue, thank you! You have given a young beautiful girl her life back.

Lucky, it was our pleasure to help find and rescue you. You have a loving and caring family who has never given up on you. We wish you a speedy recovery, from all the team at CARI.


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