More innocent children returned home



-All the team at CARI would like to welcome home a brother and sister returned from Algeria to Germany on Saturday. You both are wonderful children and it was a pleasure to get to know you both. Special thanks to the Algerian police and immigration for going out your way to assist CARI return these abducted children who were taken in 2012. What makes this even more special is it was the boy’s birthday on Saturday also, a big happy birthday little man from all the guys at CARI, your present is in the post……..

-To little Angel (not real name, you know who you are), you would have to be one of the most inspirational little girls we have met. If only our followers knew what you have been through. Angel was abducted by her father in 2006 and taken to Mexico from the US. Despite the authorities looking your abductor managed to elude them until CARI got involved. A little girl your age should not have seen half the things you have been exposed too. A big thanks to the Mexican police, immigration, and the US authorities who all assisted CARI in safely returning this Angel back to her loving family in the US on Saturday. Welcome home. We hear there is a very big party waiting for you! Angel, your mother is a prime example of someone who never gave up even when the system failed her numerous times…….

-And to the twin boys illegally abducted from your father at the age of 6 months back in 2010, welcome home boys! Enjoy getting to know your wonderful father. These boys despite the father battling and almost losing everything financially through the courts, lawyers and a scammer will have the most amazing future to look forward to with an amazing father. Victim parents are on a roller coaster ride from hell. Not knowing anything since mid-2010 about the whereabouts of his boys and doing everything legally possible, the mother went on the run moving every few months. CARI found the boys in 8 days and with the assistance of Brazilian authorities and police were safely recovered back to their family in Greece on Monday……

5 children returned in 1 week and the system is working for these innocent children? Yeh right and pigs can fly!!

Welcome home kids go enjoy…….

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